Saturday, 15 January 2011

When Running You Should 'Do What U Like'!

Gotta keep this short as I need to get my stuff together for tonight; packed all into a bag so I can Take That and Party.

I am very Happy Now as Paula and I ran our furthest distance ever today: 14 miles! Although there was a real chance that we may not have completed it, being drowned instead by The Flood that threatened throughout; okay, so that's an exaggeration, the rain wasn't quite that bad but combined with too many hills (which I can only blame on myself as the one who plotted the route), I feel a real sense of pride that we completed that distance: An Affirmation that we really can do this! Saying that, I didn't feel quite so positive towards the end of the final 3 miles when I had to Reach Out to Paula, needing her to pep me up and Relight My Fire; never one to let me down, she was there with lucozade tablets; a real Babe!  I'm thinking that if running just 14 miles hurts that much, then running 26.2 is something I will Never Forget!

However, I am remaining positive as I still have 13 weeks left to train and it will inevitably take some Patience; I just need to Pray that it's long enough to fully prepare me! Still, I've made myself no Promises, no time we have to complete it in; and it's not like I'm trying to Rule the World, just run a marathon... all I need to do is work hard and no doubt I'll make it my Greatest Day of running yet; a day to Shine.

So all in all, today was a good run; it wasn't that I Found Heaven whilst out there, but It Only Takes a Minute whilst out running, to realise what a Beautiful World we live in. Whilst running through the gorgeous Heaton Park, there was even a lull in the heavy rain for a while; Could It Be Magic? I realised out there that I love running and Once You've Tasted Love there's no going back! If you run, you'll know what I mean; the only question is How Deep is Your Love?

Anyway, I must go as I'm off to a friend's 30th birthday party tonight and I'm Sure if I don't get going soon, they'll have played A Million Love Songs before I get there and that's my favourite song! And anyway, I'm looking forward to partying like a bunch of Kidz, staying Up all night! Don't worry though, I'll be here again, blogging tomorrow; Back for Good... After a big night out however, I might only mangage a run around the Garden!

Right, I really must go now, and anyway, I've Said It All. Have a great night yourselves everyone; did I mention I'm going to see a Take That Tribute Act?

Distance: 14 miles
Weather: mostly windy and rainy
Feeling: very, very, very achey!
See my run here or here.


  1. A big congratulations Maggiee for your longest run! Well done. It really is a mental thing ... you can't imagine that you can run that far, yet YOU CAN! It's like we have a mental block about the numbers, yet it is doable ... we just have to get our head around it!

    Love your posting today and all the references! Where do you come up with all your amusing postings and stories! Love 'em and keep 'em coming!

    Have fun at your party, and your Take That gig.

  2. Quality milage and bloggage as usual Maggie. Keep pushing it.

  3. Love the blog! Enjoy Take That tonight.

  4. Well done on the 14 miles! Hell of an effort!!

    Hope your not hurting to much tomorrow & enjoy the P A R T Y tonight!

    Top blog as always!


  5. 14 miles on day 15 amazing the blog too

  6. the big runs get easier. not to worry. your body knows you can do it. just need to bring the head along for the ride.

  7. Good old lucozade tablets. Well done on fitting in quite possibly every Take That song I've ever heard of into this post. Oh and the 14 miles... at least equally as impressive! :D

  8. local-adventures16 January 2011 at 02:51

    Great running, and blogging Maggie. Almost halfway through, and you're looking string, and sounding positive.

  9. well done - hope fake that was magic!

  10. Everything changes but you, Maggie. Another great post. Well done on the

  11. I know you've written other blog posts, and I'm several days behind in my blog reading . . . but I also wanted to say "well done" on your longest run ever. That is such good, exciting and generally wonderful news. And to do it during Janathon is even more of an achievement.

    I've also enjoyed reading the comments - very encouraging words from everyone.

  12. Thanks Kathryn... writing this blog is the best thing I could have done for motivation in my marathon training as it's comments like yours, and the others, that really help to keep me going and help me to feel proud of what's been achieved so far! :-) x


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