Friday, 7 January 2011

Braving it outside

"You braving it outside?" My friend, Gav, asked me as he turned up to collect Mik for football training.
'Oh no,' I thought, 'It's not snowing again is it?'. Having had to face another assault of snowballs at work again this morning, I had hoped the recent afternoon rain would have kept the ghastly white stuff at bay. Reluctantly, I stuck my head out the door to have a look.
Not a jot of snow, thank goodness for that. A little rain still hung in the air; but nothing that would warrant a need for 'bravery'.

So, grabbing my cap - just in case of a sudden precipitation - and my dog, I headed out the door for my day 7 run. 

With my dog falling happily into step beside me, all was going well as I turned the corner onto the main road; when suddenly: Woooooooosh!

Soaked. From head to toe: SOAKED!

I stopped and looked down at the two of us; now a sopping, soggy, sodden sight!  Clearly squirrels are not the only rouges on the road; and I should have heeded Gav's words.

My dog looked up at me with her big, questioning, brown eyes: 'Why?' they seemed to say...
I don't know Doris... I don't know...

And with that, we continued on our run.

Distance: 2.4 miles
Weather: wetter than I thought it was!
Feeling: Saturated!
See my run here


  1. Oh dear! It seems to be the day for getting soaked. Well done on carrying on with your run! :-)

  2. oh no! I've not had a chance to read anyone blogs yet... I guess heavy rain across the country is taking its toll!! :-)

  3. Its been lashing down here so by the time I finished my run I was soaked through!

  4. That's happened to me a couple of times too :(

  5. Poor you, poor Doris! I reckon the squirrels may have had something to do with it. Well done on the run.

  6. And if it isn't a passing car, it's stepping on a loose paving stone and getting puddle shooting all the way up one leg. Eeeuuuwww!

  7. Sounds like you need to invest in a running souwester for you and Doris. Good luck with the Jana and Mara - thons

  8. I definitely think the squirrels had some hand in this... a souwester for us both sounds a great idea! And abradypus, you're right... there's no escaping it in weather like this is there! :-(

  9. Nice. I don't like it when that happens, but once you're wet you can't get any wetter. Well done you and Doris for carrying on.
    By the way, do you happen to know if the driver had slightly tufty ears and greyish facial hair? Could be the squirrels again you know!

  10. Do you know what... now I come. To think of it I did think the driver had an excess of facial hair... and I'm sure I heard that squirrely giggle again! I'm going to have to be more watchful on the roads!!

  11. What is it ... we can get rained on and be ok, yet when we're soaked by passing cars, we're NOT!

    Do you think the squirrels may have done a bit of surveillance on you and radioed to the driver to come by the exact spot and that precise moment?

  12. Oh no, getting wet through, that's awful. Poor you and Doris. Hope you have a drier day tomorrow.


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