Sunday, 11 December 2011

Stockport 10 2011

When I ran the marathon in April, the first part of it included 10 miles. I have not run as far as 10 miles since. Until today.

The Stockport 10 is quite a famous local race, known for two reasons: it's hills and it's weird and wonderful goodie bag (which last year contained a meal worm, and this year a cod liver oil capsule... Amongst other things!). Today, those running - and marshaling - might well remember it for the water which fell from the sky in copious amount and - believe it or not - was stolen from the 5 mile water point along with the tables!! Seriously!

Despite the wet conditions, I gallantly (surely, yes?!) ran the full 10 miles and achieved a time of only 1.40.55, which I was very chuffed with as it was only 10 minutes slower than last year despite my 2 hour predictions!

But, that's not the only good news about today's race... There's more... Much more: 1. Stockport is technically in Cheshire so I have now completed the 4th race in my countyathon, covering Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire; 2. The Stockport 10 is the 3rd race on the club calendar for this year and is therefore another tick on the list of club championship runs; 3. I am currently in the lead of the Ladies' competition... And I will take the opportunity to celebrate whilst it lasts!!

So all in all, braving the rain was more than worth it, and I have a shiny, bright yellow technical t-shirt to show off at club tomorrow... What could be better?!..

What's that I hear you say?

Stuffing your face with pulled pork sandwiches, waffles with maple syrup and a mug of mulled wine at the Christmas markets? Well, yes... I'll admit it, that was pretty good and, of course, completely guilt free after a 10 mile race...

I LOVE running!