Thursday, 13 January 2011

An ode to Janatholism

An Ode to Janatholism*

On Day 13 of Janathon,
I found it hard to fit a run;
I was at work from 7 'till 8
so arriving home, 'twas very late.
I was also full of a three-course meal
that was a part of the late-work deal;

Thus still attired within in my suit,
I plotted out a little route.
I made myself run 'least a mile
whilst I was thinking all the while:

Has this challenge become a curse?
'Cos my jan·ath·ol·i·sm is getting worse!

*Cited: 12th Jan 2011, Cake of Good Hope.

Distance: 1.1 miles
Weather: fine... quite warm acutally!
Feeling: full... very fat and full of delicious shepherds pie and creme brulee!
See my run here.


  1. you got it done well done and managed some poetry

  2. Well done mags!!you are doing so well and to fit any kind of run after working those hours is a great achievement,keep going girl!!x

  3. Good on you for getting out after such a long day ... even if it was polished off with a three-course meal!

    So is it poetry in motion when you run?!?

  4. Well Done Mags - not long left now!

    Your dinner beats mine I had 2 boiled eggs and soldiers.

  5. oh yum. we're almost past the middle mark.

  6. tee hee, it was a delicious meal, i have to say!! Thanks for the encouragement... and Midgie... love the poetry in motion... I think that's EXACTLY what it was! :-)

  7. Hahahaha - love the poem, how on earth did you run with all that in you!?!?! Fair play!

  8. You must be pleased and quite content,
    Knowing fat in that pie has been spent,
    On a worthy mile of Janathon fun,
    You did rather well to fit in that run.

  9. Hope shep pie and brulee not served together, great ode

  10. oooh, that would be a little like the trifle in Friends!

    Jenks... LOVE the poem! :-)

  11. Do I get a mark then teacher :o)

  12. lol, Of course! silly me!... I will award... ... ... Full marks!! Yay! :-)


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