Thursday, 6 January 2011

Running and Respite

A fiery sky flickered above us as we headed out for our regular Thursday night training. With 11 of us at running club tonight, I felt safe from the squirrels for the first time in recent days. Heading out to the Industrial Estate, I realised that the careful consideration of our coach, in the choice of our route tonight, meant I should be safe throughout the evening.

Taking us along a busy road to the heavily industrialised area, light laughter began to fill the air; contrary to last night I felt no eyes boring into me, no sound of an owl; just the soft roar of traffic and the temperate tête-à-tête of the group.

'No sign of them yet Maggie' advised Pete as he ran past me after his first yasso interval of the night.
At this reassurance, I felt myself relax further still.  There was no longer a need to pretend now they knew about the squirrels; unlike the pressures of our last run together, tonight I was free to relax into the run and I began to forget about the creepy critters.

'I heard Chris singing as he passed to help keep those squirrels away.' Pete informed me as we crossed paths at the end of my second interval. Excellent. Singing is a well know form of pest control; especially the 'squirrel song'* a timely reminder of the superiority of humans to the pesky pests themselves.


Two more intervals later, and the session finished; I felt calmer than I had in a long time. Despite the potential peril the ominous sky had seemed to hold for us tonight, it seems I have been graced with a respite. And with a Sky Engineer coming tomorrow, it looks as though the squirrels may be losing their touch.

Wait... hang on... what's that noise?

Was that an owl I just heard?...

Distance: 5.6 miles
Weather: about 3 degrees with a fiery red sky!
Feeling: quite good, if not a little achey
See my run here

*This may not have been the exact song Chris was singing... if any!


  1. owls. worse than squirrels. flying squirrels actually.

  2. Safety in numbers ... that's what works best to keep those squirrels at bay! The bigger the running pack, the more they stay away!!

  3. And they can turn their heads through 360 degrees. Now that just isn't natural!

  4. sounds like a good session Maggiee.

    Keep up the top posting


  5. They are like flying squirrels and the fact that they can turn their heads at 360 has to be the spookiest thing about owls... I'm going to have to look to safety in numbers from now on; at least I have good reason to make sure I go to running club!! :-)

  6. More importantly - did your SKY get fixed and DID YOU SEE THAT AWESOME FINISH - woohooooooo!!

  7. Awww... not yet! :-( will have to catch it on highlights. I'm loving the words awesome finish though! Woop Woop! :-)

  8. I'm glad to see Janathon is not getting to you...and it's only day 7! Keep it up!


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