Sunday, 23 January 2011

My run with Chad

Chad Hardman and I went on a 10 mile run today. It was his fault. We were supposed to be running 7 miles; in fact, in order to make sure I did run 7 miles precisely, Paula dropped me off near her house where we bid a teary farewell (No running for her today, she's going to the physio this afternoon; as heroic as I was yesterday, we didn't want to risk the need for another rescue run!) and I set off on my precisely calculated 7 miles.

So what happened? Well, it turns out that Mr Hardman is a bit of a Mr Motivator and, as I reached the point where I was supposed to turn for home, he whispered wise words of encouragement in my ear: "You're running well," he told me. "Think positive, think strong... lose yourself in the beat of the music..." Chad Hardman was hypnotising me into running further; I don't even remember half of the run, I think he'd put me to sleep with his hypnotic positivity, until all that was in my head, once again, was "Run Maggie, Run..." So I did! Subsequently 1 hour and 40 minutes later, Chad and I finished our 10 miler feeling highly energised and extremely proud!

Chad might look something like this!

Obviously I'll be taking Chad out again; I'll also be advising Paula on his motivational mantras so she will be able to hypnotise me, to run better and further, when we run together! In fact, Chad and I have set a date for next Saturday where we've agreed to stick an extra 6 miles on the end of today's distance, "No problemo Chad" I asserted, "I feel so good now, I could run a marathon!".
"Good job" he replied "How about the 17th April?"*,
"It's a date" I agreed.

*N.B: Most, if not all, of this conversation very likely only happened in my highly over-active imagination!

If you haven't been motivated by Chad yet, you should give it a try. Obviously we can't all be lucky enough to have the man himself running alongside, so Audiofuel have very kindly recorded Chad's messages of motivation over the top of some upbeat, pacey, continous tunes**; how handy! In fact, what's even more handy is that these tunes are magically (or scientifically) devised to help you 'drive your stride' and run to a steady beat, and thus a steady pace! Amazing!

*N.B: It may be that this was what was actually happening on this run, and that Chad was merely a figment of my Janathon-weary and generally over-active imagination.

My Ipod... My Audiofuel... My Chad!

So between Chad Hardman*** and Audiofuel, I can't wait for my highly motivated, positive and energised 16 miles... roll on next Saturday!

*** N.B:  Okay, okay, I admit it... I gave the lovely man in the Ipod a name, a gorgeous bod and magnificent pecks... so sue me!!

Distance: 10 miles
Weather: cloudy but a little warmer - perfect for running
Feeling: Positive, motivated and energised!
See my run here.


  1. When I hear the words mr motivator I think of the bloke that use to be on GMTV -

    Great distance on the run, I have a long one planned for next weekend, I hope I can clock in 10 miler atleast.

  2. Ooohhh I like the idea of naming him. Our lady in the Sat Nav has a name and the man too so why not the audiofuel man. I like it. He definitely makes me relax my face which the botox lady will be pleased about (not that I have botox but I was told that I needed to by this mad woman who was after my money - "mmmm good technique but no thanks, my hisband will kill me") Well done on the 100 - the same man pointed out the same to me - how did he know?

  3. I reckon that is definitely a picture of "Chad".

  4. Martyn - Totally! As I was writing Mr Motivator, a little image of him popped into my mind... there's no way Chad looks like him though!!!!

    Nicky192 - Botox lady sounds very rude... I would give her an entirely different name - maybe Cruella! Well done on hitting 100 too! I have no idea how he knew... clever or magic or both!! :-)

    Sheri... He SO looks like that! :-)

  5. Brilliant! Everytime I hear 'Chad' now I'll smile!

  6. Chad such a macho name no wonder you managed 10 miles well done.

  7. I also have found the AudioFuel's music makes me want to keep on running. Can I borrow Chad for my next run?!? My own personal 'mr motivator'!

    The thought of the picture alone will keep me running!

  8. Sorry, but I think I'll leave Chad to you...


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