Monday, 3 January 2011

Elaborate Excuses

Today has been so tough! As the last day of the holiday has (unfortunately) arrived, I realised that there was so much I needed to get done. So, setting my alarm nice and early this morning, I leapt from my bed at 10am and spent a good two hours catching up on 'Got to Dance' and swooning over Adam Garcia.

After all that hard work, I still needed to take the Christmas decorations down and get them in the loft. Half way into the loft I suddenly thought: 'What if the ladder falls? There's no-one around, Mik won't be back until at least 6pm. I'll be stuck... stuck on the floor, possibly fighting for my life... and Janathon will be over.' This was very scary and I decided there was no other option but to get out of the loft instantly. However, in my haste, I kicked the ladder slightly away and in a tense, slow-motion, cinematic style moment, the loft ladder started a slow and frightening decent away from me! Now my thoughts were 'Nooooooooo... I'll be stuck in the loft! And I can't run Janathon stuck in a loft! And I'm hungry!'. Grasping frantically for the frame I managed to save myself from a fate worse than falling and, you'll be pleased to know that, although (as a result of this near-death experience) the Christmas tree is still not in the loft, I escaped unscathed!

That was enough excitement for me though, 'I'll have to take it easy for the rest of the day' I thought, 'Or else Janathon may be over before it's started. So I settled down with some chocolate and read some blogs.

Of course, this wasn't the end of the day as I had some squirrel hunting to do. This is much easier with the aid of others, so I headed to running club. Problem was it was dark by this time, and although I could feel their beady little eyes watching me... they were watching, I know they were.... they never gave their positions away. In fact at one point, someone mentioned that squirrels can be quite vicious. Well, that got me to thinking, what if we ran into vicious, savage squirrels! That was never my intention, to place my fellow runners in potential peril. And I realised, I'd done it again; for the second time today, I was facing a potential life or death situation; what if the squirrel community had heard of my plan? What if savage squirrels across the Chadderton area had formed an offensive and were following in the shadows, sneaking up on us there and then; just waiting... waiting to attack!

This would never do. This had never been my intention. I would have to protect them; so just to make sure the rest of my group were safe from these abhorrent beasts, I ran slowly at the back of the group up every hill; protecting.

'Are you feeling the 10 miles from yesterday?' my concerned coach asked.
'Yes, my legs are killing me!' I 'lied'. There was no need to worry the others unnecessarily.

Thankfully my tactic worked. This of course explains the slow splits up the hills; a small sacrifice for the safety of the rest of the group.

I really must find something less dangerous to hunt tomorrow.

Distance: 4.79 miles
Weather: A lovely clear night
Feeling: good... anyone got any spare legs I can lend tomorrow though?!
See my run here


  1. I admire you for the bravery you showed whilst protecting your fellow runners today...

    I didn't have a chance to get that Big Mac before my run today but I might take a run to Macy D's tomorrow for lunch as I have run out of food and Tesco refuses to deliver me any before Wednesday, I think there trying to starve me !!

    Well done for the 4.79 miles today, how long have you been running for ??

  2. I was terrified reading about being stranded in the loft. I dropped all my Christmas decorations *out* of the loft last year in a moment of panic! You are a fearless Janathoner, what with scaling the heights of your house and hunting wild animals.

  3. Thank you both for your words of kindness and concern. I put the safety of fellow runners as a priority always! ;-) Kate, I hadn't even considered such a problem until it happened but I won't be going in the loft whilst alone again any time soon! I'm not as fearless as i was!
    Guy, I think Tesco is telling you to go to maccy d's it's like fate or something! I've been at running club for a year now and had been running, in inverted commas, for about a year before I joined... I'll never be winning any races but I absolutely love it! :-)

  4. LOL - so funny...can't type...keep it coming!

    PS Adam Garcia - DING DONG (ooops shouldn't have said so loud - hubby listening)

  5. LOL good read about the loft.
    Strangely enough one of my worst ever nightmares which woke me up shouting was being eaten by a squirell - bizarre I know.

  6. stay away from the squirrels!

  7. I miss squirrels :-( good running, and good luck* with the upcoming marathon (*luck don't come into it!)

  8. Adam Garcia = Yummy, makes me wish I had Sky!


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