Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Nick or a Nibble?

Obviously you've all been wondering what happened to my Sky box. Was it the squirrels? Did they really sabotage it? Well, the engineer visited earlier this week and it has been confirmed. My Sky box WAS sabotaged by squirrels.

"The outside aereal that runs into yer digical box, like, is broken our kid." The Sky engineer (with a pronounced Mancunian accent) informed us. "It's let wartuh in from the outside, like, which has run down the cable. Yer locky yer whole Sky digical box din't blow-orp like."
"How could that have happened?" We asked.
"A nick in the cable outside, it let the wartuh in and it's slowly run down the inside of the cable. Must've 'appened when it was put it." He explained.

A nick?

Or a nibble?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

Tonight, at running club, a fox was seen in the car park... was it spying on us? It certainly kept close to the shadows and whatever its reason for being there, it soon scarpered when it saw the rest of the club runners arrive... a fox is no match for the Oldham and Royton Road Runners!

Saying that, this particular club runner didn't do quite so well tonight; the session was 5 x 1 minute hard reps, with 30 second recovery between each rep and 3 minutes at the end of each set. We ran 4 sets. My 'hard' diminished as the session went on beginning with some very satisfactory 7 - 7.30 minute miles (I even hit two reps of sub 7minute miles!!). However, half way through the second set of 5, I pulled up with cramp in my left glute/thigh area; and although I continued to run, I couldn't get my leg to agree to a sprint; everytime I tried it shouted at me and gave me a sharp poke - I think I've upset it a bit! Anyway, by the end of the session, my thigh muscle's idea of 'hard' was something around the 9 minute mile mark! We've made friends since as I've promised it a short, slow mile tomorrow!

Distance: 4.65 miles
Weather: clear and warm (9degrees)
Feeling: crampy - left thigh muscle that is!
See my run here.


  1. The squirrels, the squirrels...ok how can I go to sleep now...

  2. Good running maggiee. I don't tend to get cramps in my legs running but I do when I swim, normally my calves. Capillary action is what draws the water into the cable. Maybe the squirrels have been tapping into your feed?

  3. ooohhh those pesky squirrels - do you think it's an attempt to get us to stop watching TV and go to the local park to feed them nuts?

  4. Keep drinking lots of water to help with cramp!

    Ive just joined this squirrel gang -

  5. Love the picture! They've obviously got us janathoners in the sights - but we will triumph!!
    Great running - your run clubs sounds tough but fun.

  6. What a brilliant idea! infiltrate from the inside!!! We can turn this around... the squirrels can become our Janathon allies surely! Good job!

    I think inadequate water intake has been an issue... I am trying to drink more!

    Fairweatherrunner... that sums it up! I love running club because it pushes me more than I ever would (or could) myself!


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