Saturday, 1 January 2011

Magathon does Janathon

"You're what?!" Mik exclaimed,
"I'm going out for a run" I replied, straightfaced and completely sincere.
"No, you're not though; are you?"
"Yes. I really am; it's the first day of Janathon!"
Mik failed to find any words to reply to this, and instead stared at me with a facial expression that looked confused, aghast and bemused at the same time; not something I've seen before.

So, leaving my other half in the house with the football, a very comfortable sofa, and all the proof he needed that I am certifiably mad and obsessed when it comes to running, I headed out the door.  Well, actually that makes it sound easy. I actually took about 1/2 hour getting ready, couldn't find my i-pod, found my i-pod, forgot my garmin, remembered my garmin and changed my 3 mile planned run to a mile!

By this point, darkness had shrouded the streets of Moston like an old, faithful friend; I was very much glad of the darkness because I looked look an absolute state. Having celebrated the new year in with friends until 4.30am, I never made it to bed and instead slept on a sofa... in the dress I'd been wearing that night - classy!
Of course, why I'm telling you this, I have no idea... surely this is the place where I pretend I'm some kind of dedicated athlete who didn't binge-drink copious amounts of a wide variety of alcohol the night before, collapse into a deep sleep, then wake and eat a large big mac meal AND a festive pie! OH GOD! I'm doing it again!!!

Anyway... needless to say, with that kind of preparation, mile one was hard... and I burped a lot!

As mile one ended though, I started feeling better which lead to a mile two... and a slightly faster pace; having hidden my watch beneath my sleeve, I didn't realise this until I returned home though! It was at this point I started thinking about the reason I was out: Janathon. If it wasn't for Janathon, and the vain attempt of 170 like-minded people to run everyday for 31 days, I wouldn't be running through the darkened streets of Manchester; and instead of this causing me to turn tail and head for the safety of my sofa, I felt glad to be a part of this virtual challenge and community. And I felt good.

So I managed mile three... and as the nostalgic notes of Ash, Girl from Mars, flooded into my ears through my ear-phones, I realised I was going to run four miles! Woop woop!

So, in the style of Mr Gordon Ramsey (for no particular reason): First run of 2011: Done; first run of Janathon: Done; cuppa tea and collaspe on the sofa... Done!

Distance: 4.11 miles
Weather: grey and drizzly
Feeling: that it was more like exorcise than exercise!
See my run here


  1. Well done Mags for getting out there!! I don't think there is many people that would have had the night/morning you had and then done 4 mile, brilliant start to the new year!! One step closer to the end of Jan!

    Happy New Year!! xxx

  2. Hahahahahahahaha!! Awesome achievement and love the level of sharing in your blog. Also v v v jealous you got to have a big mac - I wanted one but hubby said no - BOOO!
    Good luck for Janathon.

  3. It was a disgustingly delicious dirty big mac! good luck to you too... and maybe you can have a sneaky big mac to reward yourself at the end! :-)

  4. Great blog today, I hope you have many more burp fuelled runs over the coming month.

  5. I struggled to get out for a run today too. I'm hoping it get easier from now

  6. I used to live in north Manchester too, in fact, that's where I started my running, all those years ago. Lots of funny comments to be had as you plod the streets...

  7. nicely done. i mistakenly ran yesterday and my knees said "no" to a daily run. So i started today with a bit of a swim and a bike. run tomorrow.

    happy new years

  8. Wow - burping through the first mile! Great choice in running music - can't beat a bit of Ash to get the momentum up :-)

  9. I agree, it just has to get easier from now on... touch wood! Adele, running round the streets of north Manchester definitely makes for some intetesting runs, as you'll know... at least I shouldn't find it too hard to write about them!
    Chris, a swim AND a bike ride is very impressive... well done! :-)

  10. Cracking choice of music - Foo Fighters made me do an extra 0.5 mile this morning.

    Best of luck with the rest of Janathon and your London training!

  11. My other half was similarly uncomprehending when I went out for my run. I found him watching the football when I got back!

  12. Congratulation on doing your first run of 2011, and thanks for the highly entertaining post! Hope today goes just as well ... but with less burping! ;-)

    Natalie x

  13. Yay you! I've slept in my clothes on many a new years eve!! How funny!! I hope today see's you feeling in fine fettle, and ready for the next 29 days x

  14. Fab start to the year! And great blog! Well done, keep it going.

  15. LOL! slept in the dress! Cracking read

    Good luck with Janathon Mags!



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