Monday, 17 January 2011

What if...

An out and back at Club today where the idea is to run out in 20 minutes and run back in 18. I've decided to depict my feelings on the run in pictorial form:

Don't worry, I'm still alive... just!

Distance: 4 miles
Weather: clear and quite a nice, mild temperature
Feeling: slow!
See my run here. (later I manage to upload it!!)


  1. Fab! You can't beat a good diagram ;o) Especially impressed that you are smiling as the squirrel devours you. That run sounds like hard work - love the simplicity of the idea though. How did you get on?

  2. Those pesky squirrels!!!

  3. Of course! You've gotta keep a smile on your face... always look for the positive! The out and back is really good for pacing... well, supposed to be! Except went out too slow and came back too fast; which I blame entirely on my friend Paula, who I run with all the time, because she overtook me on the way back and psychologically, that was it, the more I let her get away, the more I tohught I couldn't keep up! Which to be fair, I couldn't because she did get back quicker than me in the end! Of course, that wasn't the point! But something tells me I can be a little too competitive at times! :-)

  4. Love the cartoons! Oh no! are the squirrels getting faster?
    Also belated well done for your long run at the weekend - I've not got past 13.1 miles yet...

  5. Don't worry, I'm definitely getting slower!! Maybe it was blue monday! thanks :-) 13.1 was my longest until this Saturday... it was hard work, but I'm glad I've done it... I'm getting there... slowly! :-)

  6. You'll get neck ache if you run with your head like that, and watch out for lamp posts. Good running :-)

  7. classic diagrams!

  8. Loving the attack of the squirrles!
    will you be safe when running the VLM do you think?

  9. Oh no, I hadn't thought of that... I hope so! I also hope that's not when the squirrels are planning their attack... all those runners in one place... it would be the perfect opportunity!!!


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