Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Three S's

There's no fool like a fool who doesn't take good advice when it's given; so today, I stayed away from the squirrels!

Instead, Tuesday has been all about the 3 S's: 'snow', 'slow' and 'starting diet' (poetic license on latter please!).


On waking this morning, I was mightily unimpressed to find that some inconsiderate soul had heaped a whole skyload of snow outside my front door; 'I shall google who I complain to about this...' I grumped as I hauled my snow boots on, still half-asleep, '...and ask them to come and take it back.' And with that, I set off to work.

Snow filled my day at work; after a very close encounter with the car park gate, I spent a large majority of it dodging even closer encounters with snowballs; I have been considering whether this counts as exercise and if I should add it to my Janathon totals, but I think that may be cheating a little. I should point out at this juncture that I do not work with derranged colleagues, who think it amusing to throw snowballs at my head as I pass by their desks, but instead work with teenagers... yes, that makes sense now doesn't it!


Thankfully, and quite wondrously, this first 'S' had disappeared by the time I went for a run. However, this meant that there was no excuse for the incrediably slow pace I forced my friend to run at; not even squirrels this time! We took a familiar 5 mile route for our run, which begins with us parking in the car park of a local gym... and then running away from it; which I always find quite amusing, for no explicable reason.

Starting Diet

The final S is one I've been putting off for a while; I've also been able to put all the blame for this on my friend Paula as it was this conversation, at the weekend, that has delayed the onset:
'Well, I guess my diet starts tomorrow.' I concluded.
'No, mine doesn't start 'till Tuesday.' she boldly stated.
I turned to face her, wide eyed in disbelief, 'Why Tuesday?' I interrogated, 'That seems to be an odd day'.
'Ah,' she said, with a knowing look that instantly suggested she knew what she was talking about and I should treat her words as those of wisdom;
'Because VAT doesn't go up until Tuesday.'
Of course. Words of wisdom indeed; I never expected anything less.

So today has been day 4 of Janathon and day 1 of diet....
Oh I am looking forward to the month of January! (no sarcasm intended here whatsoever!!!) - or here!

Distance: 5.0 miles
Weather: so warm the snow had melted to nothing... hip hip hooray!
See my run here.


  1. you've had more snow???

    Nothing here in Wales at the moment! Keep an eye out for those squirrels :)

    Keep up the hard work!

  2. Blimey more snow - boo! Don't want that down here. I too started my diet today as it just felt right beong the 1st day back at work and all that - the last 3 days have been part of the extended New Years Eve Party! Good luck in both!

  3. Snow,boo!...Diet,boo!...Warm, yay! Day 5 of Janathon - can you believe it! Get in!

  4. To be honest the snow wasn't so bad this time, as despite my horror when I looked out the window in the morning, it was gone by late aft and I began to wonder whether I'd imagined the whole thing! :-)


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