Friday, 21 January 2011

Newspeak from The CRASIES...

The CRASIES has a new logo... I didn't like the other one as it didn't adequately communicate the unified and encouraging nature of us runners in the face of the encroaching squirrel empire. This, however, I think does:

Look at their smiley faces... they KNOW those squirrels are no match for the CRASIES!  Exciting news is there is now an additional branch to the cult group, for those of you who have been experiencing increased concern as to the threat of foxes; who have been recently mobilised by the squirrels - don't believe the age-old hype that foxes eat squirrels, that's playing straight into their hands paws! Martyn is officially leader of the CRASIESAF, an important branch to this operation, situated in Wales; If you have any concerns over other forms of wayward wildlife, in your particular area, then please let me know.

As with all great campaigns, I think the time has come to propagate some propaganda; so what follows is a fictional, factual video of the real and present danger the squirrels represent. Close your windows... Lock your doors... and join the cause...

Music: Sandman by Metallica

Tonight was another recovery run, in preparation for my long run tomorrow and following the endurance speed session last night, just a mile for fear of the squirrels though;  thankfully I'll have Paula with me tomorrow... Added protection!

Distance: 1.2 miles
Weather: A beautiful red sunset combined with low lying horror movie style mist in places!
Feeling: better by the day!... think I might cheer myself up and do a Janathon total miles tomorrow! :-)
See my run here.


  1. Love the new logo ... it says it all! I'm definitely in and joining up!!

    Also love the video clip ... where DO you come up with these ideas ... love em!! More, I want more!!

    I also ran watching the beautiful red sunset ... it was spectacular over the sea in Brighton!

  2. Apart from a dream when I was being eaten by a squirell I have been unscathed. I have had problems when running from other animals namely dogs.

  3. Thanks Midgie... glad to hear you're in... I think T-shirt designs should be next!! :-)

    Buryblue... I have a dog who is definitely on our side, but we could add dogs in... Rogue, treacherous dogs who would join with the squirrels as quick as they'd gnaw on a runner's leg! :-)

  4. Maggiee another top post! Im also considering a chav branch, bin a chav!

    Have you seen the new Barclays advert, with the people on the train track, Its narrated by Stephen Merchant. The squirels have got to him to! Keep an eye out for it!

    Good luck with the long run tomorrow,

  5. Thanks Martyn, loads of my friends have told me about the Barclay's advert, but I've not seen it yet... and it's not for want of trying now! The squirrels get to everyone sooner or later though so I'm not surprised!

    Bin a chav is a brilliant idea... @runhelenrun will be interested in that one, she's been having some Chav problems recently!

  6. Yes I saw on her blog the day, Wish those squirels/foxes would sort them out and leave us alone.

  7. Hahahahahahahaha!

  8. can you add foxes to the logo? One of these days Odie is bound to catch the one he keeps chasing. Won't be pretty.

  9. Tell Odie to keep up the good work on the foxes... they're going onto the logo!... I've had a chav plan, just need to develop it now!... and Natalie.. brilliant! good to have you onboard! :-)

  10. Maybe you should move over here to Australia? As we don't have squirrels here . . .

  11. lol - fab video. I'm signing up now!


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