Sunday, 16 January 2011

And the thanks go to...

Firstly, thank you to all those of you who commented on my blog yesterday; you made Paula and I even more proud of our 14 mile achievement... I'm also glad to hear the long runs get easier as well Chris, that's maybe the best news of my weekend!

Today, unbelievably, I have managed to hit yet another first; they just keep coming at the moment! Today (and I'm so proud, I really am) I ran the SLOWEST I have ever run!

However, I can't take full credit for this, and so in true form, on accepting this award for slowest Magathon running ever, I would like to take the opportunity to thank:

 - Wandering Bear, and Dirty Take Away Pizza whom I met and partied with last night. I never would have achieved such a low level of fitness today if it hadn't been for their support throughout the night. I guess here I should give a special mention to Wandering Bear, recognisable by her fresh bouquet and pretty pink glow, who introduced me so lovingly to Dirty Take Away Pizza at around 3am in the morning. Thank you so much.

- Take That (well the tribute version anyway) who, despite looking (and possibly sounding) nothing like Take That, kindly collaborated with Wandering Bear to keep me up all night (sorry, couldn't resist it) and dancing in my gorgeous high heeled shoes so that Feet died a little and screamed at me to stop running for the entirety of my mile-long mission.

Apparantly this is Howard from Take That... not so sure about that one, but for those old-school Hollyoaks fans out there, he was Mark Gibbs who bullied Luke; in fact it seems he's also been in Two Pints of Lager and Dream Team, but it was with his Hollyoaks role I chose to embarass him!

- Natalie whom,  I must add at this point, deserves a very special mention (and not just because she joined the 30's club yesterday) but because without her, last night, I would never have met Wandering Bear, Dirty Take Away Pizza and Take That (Including afroementioned man in photo who can sing very well but clearly looks NOTHING like Howard Donald!). Thank you Natalie (and Happy Birthday!!).

My beautiful friend Natalie, who's 30th birthday we were celebrating yesterday.

Thank you all for your contribution, but more so for a FANTASTIC night (and there's no sarcasm there, it really was). However I can't help thinking there was possibly a more... urmmm... beneficial?... healthy?... boring?... way to recover from my longest run ever.... hmmmmm... maybe I'll mull that one over whilst I have a kip on the couch!

Distance: 1.1 miles
Weather: light drizzle
Feeling: toxic!
See my run here.


  1. Sounds like perfect preparation. Excellent work.

  2. Well done Maggiee for even making it out! Sounds like you had an amazing, fabulous and fun time last time. I might have considered simply a walk in the fresh air as my exercise!!

    And I'm impressed ... a fellow 'dancer in heels' ... I'm sure you looked gorgeous dancing away!

  3. Thanks K!

    Dancing in heels is the way forward Midgie; although saying that I have to... aware of my feebly 5ft2 nothingness... the heels are essential... as is the dancing! They are most beautiful heels too! :-)

  4. You deserved a rest day after the 14 miles yesterday even if you had not met wandering bear and dirty pizza. Bet you had fun and was worth it

  5. Well done for getting out there after yesterdays session!

    I still dont dance in heels! and that looks nothing like Howard... Were they called "Take This"?

  6. Nothing like him at all does it... in fact, they were missing Robbie, and I was thinking, they'd have been better off pretending he was him... mind you, Gary looked more like Gordan Ramsay! They were called... wait for it... Totally Take That!

    Quality! Actually they could sing very well, but their act was more akin to the chipendales than their name-sakes! :-)

  7. Gotta love those firsts! longer, faster runs are definitely easier in the summer sunlight, soon.

  8. I do love my heels, particularly my dancing / party shoes! They take pride position ... beside my running shoes, and my biking shoes! My ordinary, every day, work shoes are just chucked at the back of the closet!! You can see where my priorities are!!

  9. Sounds like a fab way to spend the evening/night! Hope those feet feel better today. :-)

  10. Ha ha Midgie... we've definitely got the same prioties there... I've more running shoes than work shoes! And definitely more going out shoes.

    I'm looking forward to the summer Chris, I hope it hurries up!!

    Natalie... it was FAB! and the feet feel a teenie bit better today!! It was all worth it! :-)

  11. Hahahaha! Sounds like a fab night out well done on getting out at all today feeling like that!


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