Monday, 10 January 2011

Running Observations

1. A battle against the elements: the wind pushing with all its might, urging us back to whence we came; whipping; faces feeling numb; fingers blue with the biting cold. We turn the corner and... stillness.

2. Chatting, laughing, anecdotes. Roar. Swooooosh. Drenched.

3. Thank you Natalie; my human water wall!

4. Illuminous, clashing, orange and pink: Paula. Running ahead. I'm Chasing. Getting Closer. Closer Still. Can't catch her... can I? Gaining, A little more. Push harder. Legs burning. Chest burning. Muscles burning. Closer. Close. Yes!

5. A runner: the left foot sporting a white running trainer; the right attired in a black gentleman's dress shoe. Why? Maybe the squirrels have the other trainer!

Distance: 4.11
Weather: Very windy and raining
Feeling: Really good.
See my run here


  1. Good running maggiee! Difficult running in the wind and rain. A white running trainer and black dress shoe? Really? The yin and yang of running. Do admit squirrels into your running club?

  2. can't imagine running in mismatched shoes. I have however worn mis-matched dress shoes (more than once). navy blue - black - who's looking. at least they were the same style shoe. only the colour differed.

  3. I can't begin to imagine the explanation for the trainer/black shoe combo... there's got to be a story behind that.

  4. Those flipping squirrels again!

  5. Things are getting sinister with these squirrels, aren't they supposed to be hibernating?

  6. Do you know what... I think that's what they WANT us to think... we would never consider the squirrels because we assume them to be hibernating... well assume no more... they're even stealing runner's shoes! How rude!!

  7. PS Jenks... We most definitely DO NOT allow squirrels! :-)


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