Monday, 12 March 2012

Is there a cure?


I need help!

I've just discovered I have a serious disease and I have no idea what the cure is!

Procrastinationitis attacked in the early hours of Sunday morning. In a well-timed stealth assault, the assailant bombarded me whilst I was enjoying a night out with my friends. I know... How rude!

Those of you aware of this debilitating disease (it is believed* that 99.9% of the population of Great Britain suffer from this at some stage in their adult lives) will be familiar with the early symptoms, which manifest themselves in a subtly aggressive manner. Unfortunately, at 2am, when I agreed to stay in the club and dance to the cheesy music for 'just a little longer', I was unaware that this, small decision, was actually the beginning of a much more serious matter. By 3am there was no turning back. At 9am, it was too late; the Trafford 10k was to start in just half an hour, and I was lying in bed: procrastinating.

Yes. I said procrastinating!

And things have only got worse. I could have gone for a run Sunday afternoon. I didn't. I could have gone for a run Monday morning. I didn't. I could have gone to running club this evening... I didn't.

The evidence is clear; google-diagnosed, whilst procrastinating on the sofa: I have Procrastinationitis.

What do I do?

I need to have a think about that...

*by me!