Friday, 28 January 2011

The Squirrel Files #101

Scanning the room, I clocked Peggy instantly; she was staring out of the window with such intensity, it didn't seem like the usual daydreaming.

Jumping at the sound of my voice, she gave a cursory glance in my direction, head unmoving, before returning her gaze sharply back to the window.

"PEGGY!" I tried again, more vehemently this time.
"Sorry Miss?"
"Have you finished your end of unit essay on 'War and Peace'?"
"Not yet Miss, no.... Nearly." she conceded, her gaze still moving back to the outside world.
"PEGGY! Seriously. Stop staring out the window and get on."

Wearing a conciliatory expression, she dragged her gaze from the window, "Sorry Miss. I... it's just... I..."
She was obviously trying to tell me something; offering her the opportunity I asked "What is it Peggy? There's clearly something bothering you."
"It's just... I..." She attempted. "Oh", she sighed, "It just sounds so silly... I could have sworn I saw a squirrel outside."

"Euoow. Peggy. You Anging-'ead like you've never seen a squirrel before?... ha, ha... your mum is a squirrel!... huh, ha, ha..." interjected Norris, laughing hysterically at his own 'joke'.
"Euoow! your SO not funny." Peggy retorted, "and I've clearly seen a squirrel before. I just..." she suddenly stopped, her attention snatched towards the window again, "I... I... I've just never... that one.... I...!"
"What?!" shouted Norris "What 'av you never seen before?"
"That squirrel has a camera!" she answered.

This was it. They'd stalked my runs for most of January, they'd sabotaged my Sky+ HD box, they'd hounded me when hill running and now it seemed I had paparazzi squirrels pursuing me at work? This was it. It had to stop. I had to know; The time had come to confront the crazed critters and finally find out what exactly was going on.
"Wait right there!" I shouted behind me as I ran out of the room and towards the spying squirrel...

...continued here.

Distance: 1.6 miles
Weather: cold, cold, cold
Feeling: Like I couldn't be bothered, then really glad I did!
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  1. Oh my, what a cliff hanger. I hope this story ends well.

  2. Hmm ... could we start suggesting endings here?!?

    They aren't stalking you in a bad way now ... the squirrel paparazzi want to find out as much as they can about The Magathon, also known as Dr Maggiee and the Maggiee Guru ... for being such an amazing runner with a PRB and a fabulous creative writer!!

    You'll be famous in the squirrel community after all this!

  3. Ooooh... an interactive suggested ending comments... I like this... that was a good one Midgie... any more? It's like those books kids read where you get to choose what happens next! :-)

  4. Famous or banned from the commuinity :)

    Great post again Mags!

  5. Oh Maggie you evil tease, how could you leave the story there?

  6. hilarious. i howled out loud laughing. love the pic

  7. Love it.
    I have a tree outside my classroom window. I now have to keep the blind drawn as the sodding squirrels run up and down it all day and apparently
    'they are just, like, well more interesting than you miss'

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone... next installment tomorrow... I promise!

    Emily - it's soul destroying isn't it... all that wonderful learning to enrich their minds and they prefer to stare at squirrels... bloody squirrels! :-)

  9. Always wanted to know the precise spelling for Euoow! Summs up teenagers perfectly.

    Are the squirrels out to sabbotage janathon? Or having spied on your blog have they chosen you to improve their literacy skills?


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