Who am I?

I'm Maggie...

...and this is my blog.

It started as a running blog, which started when I started my training for the Virgin London Marathon, and so the first 16 weeks of my blog track the highs, and lows, of my training. Thankfully, despite my fears, I completed my first ever marathon on 17th April 2011 and you can read about how I got on here.

At first I named my blog The Magathon, because it was Maggie's Marathon... the magathon... see! Yet, when I completed the marathon, I realised that I'd really enjoyed blogging... it's fun and quite cathartic; in fact, here are a few of my top 5 Marathon training moments...

1. Squirrel Mania
2. Chad Motivation
3. Physio pain
4. 20 miles of achievement
and most importantly...
5. PRB

And then things just started to mutate further and I started blogging about other things I enjoy... like eating and socialising and people... and so...

The Magathon Continues...


  1. Well Done Maggie with the Marathon. Jo (evil Physio) told me you did an awesome finishing time as well! many thanks for the testimonial
    Good luck with the Great North Run.
    Best Wishes,
    Zainul Azam

  2. Thanks Zainul, I really couldn't have got through it without Jo's skills. I would have remained an injured, weak-muscled mess! I now shout the word 'physio' at anyone who's training for an endurance event!

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Thanks for reading... feel free to leave me a message. Maggiee x