The Magathon Countyathon

MAG (noun): A shortened variant of my name

-ATHON (suffix): An activity that continues for an extended period of time
Following the London Marathon, I realised I liked having something to focus on in my running, a challenge to keep me occupied and to get me out for a run at the times I least feel like running. And so, The Magathon Countyathon was born. This is the plan...

The Magathon Countyathon: To run a race in every country in England

The Mission:
1. I will run a race in each of the 48 ceremonial counties of England;
2. The races will be UKA licensed races for which an 'official time' will be recorded;
3. The minimum race distance for the challenge is 5k;
4. In some counties, e.g. Greater Manchester, I will inevitably run more than one race in which case the first race ran will count towards the challenge;
5. During the challenge I will aim to get a new PB on each of my previously ran distances (except for marathon, I'm not planning on a marathon again... oh, and 20 miles... well, you know what I mean!);
6. I will blog about each of the races included in the challenge.

The Magathon Countyathon Map:

Updated: 22nd April 2012

The Magathon Countyathon Races:
Greater Manchester: Bupa Great Manchester Run, 10k, 15th May 2011. DONE (1.02.40)
West Yorkshire: Leeds Abbey Dash, 10k, 20th November 2011 DONE (0.58.11)
Cheshire: Stockport 10, 10 miles, 11th December 2011 DONE (1.40.55)
Greater London: Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10k, 8th January 2012 DONE (0.58.48)
Lancashire: Great North West Half Marathon, Blackpool, 26th February 2012 DONE (2.14.51)


  1. I await your Essex race and like the fact that my county Essex(not born and bred I hasten to add in case you think I'm an Essex gal) has got its own sign post on your blog. Fantastic challenge hope it fixes your running.

  2. tee hee... my grandparents live in Clacton-on-Sea, so I know Essex (perhaps a litte too) well! :-)

  3. Hi - amazingly I thought of this idea over Christmas when I was discussing with someone that I have only about 45 months until I am 40. They suggested I ran in every county in Britain. ERK! Seems like there's quite a bit to do eh!! I will be following your progress intently :) We have plenty of suggestions for Kent.


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