Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hello Strangers!

Hello strangers!

I'm back... back like a thing that's come back!

Well, almost...

I've still only been running once in the past 9 weeks and that was really a run / walk if truth be told; but it felt OK and I thought it might be time to get back into things again. However, I also started a new job three weeks ago which has caused spare time and any excessive energy to take a holiday for a while so despite all good intentions, 12 hours plus in work and an ongoing battle?... stand-off?... cold war maybe?... with teenagers, who currently despise the new 'prison officer' on the block, has meant that those pre-mentioned good intentions are falling asleep before I do... and that is early!

I have not given up though... no, in fact I have a new plan which involves a short 1-2 mile run tomorrow, followed by a swift kick up the backside into running club on Monday night.

And despite the lack of running, all has been good; although difficult, the new job is fantastic: challenging, different and thoroughly enjoyable. Even better, less than four weeks ago, I was in holidaying in the big NYC where we experienced an earthquake AND a hurricane... both of which were disappointingly uneventful; particularly if one was to compare the News coverage with the actual experiences! I do LOVE American news, they really know how to hype a situation! Of course, from a tourist perspective the hurricane was brilliant (or tropical storm as it was downgraded to by the time it did hit the city)... just take a look at our photo of Times Square; I can pretty much guarantee that you've only got a picture like that if you were in New York City on the weekend of 29th August 2011!

Times Square, NYC and Hurricane Irene!
At the Rocky statue,
To look at things from a fitness perspective, the bonus of the hurricane was the consequential closure of the whole New York transit system which meant we had no choice but to walk EVERYWHERE, which turns out to be further than you first think and causes bruised heels... seriously - big black bruises on my heels for at least a week afterwards... lesson learned: Don't walk 4-5 miles in flimsy, cheap-skate ballet pumps by George!  As an added extra on our hols, whilst over the waters, we also hired a car and took in the sights of Washington and Philadelphia... running (well, as close to it as I could manage at the time) the 'Rocky' Steps, Sylvester Stallone stylee!

Seriously one of the best holidays I have ever had!

A MASSIVE Reuben!!

Of course, in addition to all the walking, there was also A LOT of eating and, since returning to England, I seemed to have taken on board the American sized portions... and free breakfast at work on a Friday doesn't help when I'm incapable of avoiding the bacon sandwiches!... so getting back into running is definitely in order. 

Hopefully, if all goes to plan, I'll be running in the Leeds Abbey Dash on November 22nd; I'm also hoping that the time off running has ensured that Marathon recovery is now fully behind me, so I can simply concentrate on bringing my fitness back up to speed and my speed back up to PB level!

Fingers crossed anyway... I'll let you know how it goes!