Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Feelings of Positivity

In the space of an hour, three different feelings created a veritable flood of positivity for me this evening; so I thought I'd share them with you.

The first was brought to me courtesy of my other (he might say better) half, in the form of childish, yet brilliant humour. If you watch home shopping channels, you'll likely have seen a 'revolutionary' toning device called 'The Shake Weight'. The device itself is very simple, you simply shake the weight back and forth, whilst holding it in various positions. In fact, you can see this demonstrated by a nice, toned, lady here. And... there's now a Shake Weight for men... I would like to mention at this point that this is somehow worse... and if you're interested, you can see it demonstrated by a very buff man, with enormous guns... which clearly came from his Shake Weight... here (if you haven't got your sound on, switch it on before you visit this website, whilst saying very loudly "I'll just have a look at this revolutionary new product which is a weight that you shake" just to prevent any adverse embarrassment).

If you have followed these links, you may already understand why we found this product so, childishly, humorous. But, if you're still unsure, it is this South Park parody on the revolutionary 'weight that you shake' advertisement that really pinpoints what is so wrong with the advertising of this product...

And so rude, crude and puerile humour, caused much laughter and invoked feeling number 1: HAPPINESS.

As amused by this as I was, I was still feeling like I wanted to skulk to the safety of the sofa, rather than head out for a run. So, I settled down with my laptop and had a read through some of your Janathon blogs for today. I read: A little of this about a new-found love of morning running... that left her feeling inspired for the rest of the day, as well as wondering whether someone had drugged her overnight; a little of that about a Geeky Dad whose funny pun (we can clearly see where my sense of humour lies) made me giggle and tales of shuttlecocks inspired me; a little of this from a blogger who ran a great 5k in a gym which she had all to herself, despite the fact that it's January(!); and a little of that which describs an unfortunate almost Paula Radcliffe moment that, as runners, we've all experienced to some degree... and if you haven't; you will!

And eventually it was this, little bit of this and that, that caused me to pull on my trainers and provide me with my second feeling: MOTIVATION.

Once out, I realised that it was what I had needed all along. I didn't run far, just a little 3.3 miles. But at the end of the run, I experienced my third feeling. A combination of the right song, at the right moment, with the right state of mind; that feeling that you know so well if you run, because it's why you love to run; it's what causes you to forget your form, your heavy breathing and niggling pain; it makes you feel free, young and euphoric; it makes you run like Pheobe from Friends.

It was my third feeling of positivity...


Distance: 3.3 miles
Weather: clear and +6 (almost like Summer!)
Feeling: really, really great!
See my run here.

NEXT TIME ON THE MAGATHON: More on the Squirrel Conspiracies


  1. Oh. My. God. Thank you (I think) for introducing me to the wonderful world of the Shake Weight. My life is now complete.

    Yay for the Runner's High!

  2. I've been a fan of the shakeweight adverts for ages...but if you want another obscene advert, check out the abcircle pro, especially when they take out the pin to let the legs move independently....

  3. Great blog!!I'm really struggling to get myself to go out at the moment ,need the lighter nights and mornings to come but reading your blog i AM going to put my alarm on earlier in the morning and go running because I know I will feel so better for it and get the runners high feeling again!!thanku,x

  4. If I buy a shake weight I can look like those guys in no time. I'm sold!!!!

  5. abradypus - brilliant!

    Surely these advertisers know what they're doing! surely they realise!! surely!

    Sheri - you are welcome... I can't believe it's taken so long for me to discover such obscenity in adverts... I guess I just wasn't looking!

    Di - get out there girl!!! :-D x

  6. Richard, if your muscles aren't burning in 6 minutes... you can have your money back! GUARANTEED!!!

  7. hahahahah shake weight...must show hubby tomorrow he'll love it!

  8. Yay! I know, we're meant to be above South Park, but sometimes it's just too funny. Well done on breaking the unwritten rule - I removed my reference to Guitar Hero the other day because I thought nobody would appreciate the "rude, crude, purile humour"... obviously one person might!

    You get bonus points for the picture from Friends.

  9. Indian summer.. We'll be lucky :) Do you take anything to get these highs? I need some of whatever your on!

  10. I had a good laugh. It just shows how you have to look for inspiration in your daily life. I wonder if there was a Eureka moment?
    Great post and good running too.

  11. Is there cause for concern? I searched Paula Radcliffe and Google suggested poop.

  12. ha ha ha! I think there's definitely cause for concern!! :-)


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