Sunday, 5 June 2011

Juneathon Day 5: Kinnecting with Sheila

Today didn't start well, when I stupidly did this...

... and discovered that the 5lbs I'd lost in the last two weeks had been reduced to a much more minimal number as, this week, I'd put 3 back on again! Hmph.

So I promptly got off the scales and went for a run. My intention was to run 1 mile but I chose to run with my new Iphone and its Nike GPS app which has a nice lady that talks to you... Sheila... and although she's nowhere near as motivating as Chad, she does help by whispering words of encouragement in your ear every mile. Sometimes those words are encouraging because they're what you don't want to hear; for example, on completing my mile, Sheila announced I had ran it at an 11.33 min mile pace... a what??!!! How was that possible when I'd been running so hard? Hmph - again. I knew that was never going to burn the dreaded calories that so eagerly want to wrap themselves tightly around my waist and hips, I would have to continue running.... and up the pace. 

Eventually, Sheila and I completed just over 3 miles and we'd managed to raise our pace to an average of 10.33; I felt much better for it, so much so that I remembered my 'don't be a slave to the scary scales' plan which meant that I was also supposed to be tracking my weight loss with my trusty...

And would you believe it... I'd lost inches... well 1 whole lovely inch... from all the different measured areas of my ever decreasing body! 

Comforted by the thought that all my hard work for the past 3 weeks had not been entirely for nothing, I got on with some marking. However, I couldn't concentrate because in the back of my mind was a niggling desire... a desire to burn more calories but, more importantly, also a desire to play on my new game... Kinnect Personal Trainer (bought at a super sale price, in a well known supermarket with a bright green sign, yesterday).

Tick.... tick.... tick... 'Go on Maggie, go and play on the kinnect'... tick... tick... tick... 'Go on, it's way more fun than marking'... tick... tick... 'you know you want to'... tick... 'kinnect, kinnect, kinnect kinnect...' 
'Oh, right fine!' I gave in, slamming my pen down on the desk, 'I can't concentrate with you wittering in my ear anyway. 

So, giving up, and vowing to have words with my motivation later about his recent poor performance (hiding when I need him, and a complete pest when I don't!) I hurried down the stairs to play my new 'game'.

half and hour later and I can barely move! That was hard work!! But, good news...

I burnt 123 calories! bonus!

So all in all Juneathon Day 5 has ended up better than expected: Not only has there been successful shrinkage of The Magathon, but I've also taken another step towards my goal of introducing a wider range of exercise into my routine. Excellent.

Activity: Running and Kinnect Aerobics
Distance: 3.05 miles
Time: 1hr (or so)
Feeling: that exercising made me feel better!
Run Saturday


  1. Dangerous business stepping on those scales. The more I try the worse it gets! Glad you are enjoying the nike plus app - watch out - I found some of my feedabck in Janathon quite cheeky!

  2. I use the iPhone 'Runkeeper' app with a female voice of statistical encouragement. I christened her 'The Bitch' quite early on in our running relationship. Near the end of my 10 miles today, I'm sure I heard her 'tut' at my minutes per mile pace. It'll all end in tears.
    Well done for today's brill effort.

  3. Brilliant! Well done. I think I need to meet Sheila... :)

  4. Well done on all that calorie burning. Take the battery out of the scales!

  5. Aces. Inches are much better than pounds anyway - no one else can see pounds, but they certainly can see inches :) There is a saying at my fat club about scales - can't remember it exactly (that's how long I haven't been for) but basically it goes along the lines of 'they lie, go for inches'. They also say only weigh yourself once a week, always at the same time and always in the same clothes. I'm a weighing in addict though and stand on the pesky blighters every single morning. Norty fattipuff ;)

  6. It's so true fattipuff, but I'm just the same and even though I know inches are the best, I long for those scales to be kind!

    Runningman, i like the name you christened yours to be honest if she doesn't start saying nicer stats during our run, our time together may be ill-fated! :-)

    Battery out the scales... Now there's a good idea!!

    Disjointed tales, you should get Nike app I forgot about that earlier, fairweatherrunner is right there's some interesting feedback... Mo Farrah congratulated me on my run today!!

  7. If only Chad were available as an option on a running app... maybe we should start a campaign.

  8. hmm, maybe you need some new scales? sounds like yours might be broken with all those inches dropping off!


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