Friday, 3 June 2011

Juneathon Day 3: Don't leave home without...

I needed Him and He knew it. He was teasing me; taunting me even. As I hunted high and low throughout the house, I could hear Him: sniggering round the back of the sofa, giggling in the garden, fidgeting behind the fridge; but by the time I reached there... gone... always gone.

Eventually, at 10am, I gave up. 'Fine' I grumped, 'I'll go without you then.' So I did.

However, running alone in the ever increasing temperatures, the shade rapidly disappearing into the terraced houses, as the sun rose higher by the minute into the sky, I struggled.

'I can't do this' I dejectedly told myself as Ben Folds sung me a ditty about 'Zac and Sara' (without an 'h'); 'I need Him' I pitifully wailed as Scouting for Girls confirmed their belief that 'Elvis Ain't Dead'; 'It's too hot' I protested even as Queen told me 'Don't Stop [them] Now'. I was almost about to turn home, almost... just about... when...

A friendly runner bounced towards me, sweat pouring from him, face as red as a beetroot and a super-massive smile that stretched from ear to ear... the biggest smile I have ever seen... ever! He put me to shame. I thought back to the intricate game of 'cat and mouse' I'd played with Him this morning; the charade of 'hide and seek' that had almost stopped me going out for a run and the memories of which had almost sent me turning for home.

And so, it was Green Day, Off -Spring, The Prodigy and, most importantly, a friendly runner with a big smile that helped me to finish my run. All the same, it was a job made harder than was necessary by the lack of one very important element...


Don't leave home without him!

Activity: Running
Distance: 3.2 miles
Feeling: hot and lacking in Motivation
Run Saturday


  1. Your motivation has been stolen by your marking pile. It is a scientific fact that when teachers do work in the holidays it uses up magic beans that would usually be used to fuel fun activities. It's a cruel trick that the rest of the world conspired to make happen to us. Something about we get too much holiday in a year or a similarly daft reason. Am with you on the motivation - managed to do my training today (wasn't planning to do much) but now can't seem to haul my ass off the sofa!

  2. Great blog and there was me thinking it was Mr Garmin that you couldn't find

  3. Great post! The hard ones build strength and make you appreciate the good ones even more.

  4. I think I need to grab some of your motivation!

  5. Haha I thought it was chocolate you were looking for - the sun picture looks like an m and m. mmmmmm m and mmmmmmms

  6. I was thinking maybe you'd lost Chad.

  7. To be fair, any of those things lost would have caused exactly the same issues!!! Although losing Chad may be the worst!

    I like the way the sun looks like a big m and m to you... our brains are clearly on the same wavelength... mmmmmmmm chocolate!!!


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