Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Juneathon Day 21: I'm not obsessed, but...

'I think I saw someone famous in town at the weekend' I announced to my year 9 class who were diligently attempting to get quietly on with the essays I had set them.
'Oooh, who?' one mildly curious student questioned, only just able to tear herself away from the pages and pages of work, already completed, in front of her.
'Well, that's it, I'm not sure exactly who he was but he was definitely famous because...' And I recounted my story to the eager ears of my students.

Not that I'm obsessed or anything, and it very definitely hadn't been playing on my mind - no, of course not! - but as the thought had passed through my mind, fleetingly, I thought I might as well ask, you know, just in case. Providing the students with a full re-enactment of my stalking of encounter with the possibly famous man in Paperchase, I also provided a full description  him with as much dedicated detail as I had given my own friends: Tall, dark hair, wearing sunglasses in doors and those big massive silly headphone thingys that everyone seems to be wearing these days. My main thought behind this was that my friends are now as old as me - some of them older even - and perhaps this was a possibly famous person who appears on popular teen shows such as Hollyoaks; and although I religiously watch the omnibus every weekend don't watch this programme at all because it is aimed at a demographic half my age, I may have seen him on another more cultural show such as Loose Women The One Show or equivalent.  Unfortunately the response was hardly useful:

'What do you mean that's not a very good description of him?' was my response to their outburst, which might I add was rather inappropriately accompanied with laughter! 'It's a great description!'
'I hope you never have to report a crime Miss' sniggered one, 'they'd never be able to draw one of those photo thingy's'
Puh! what does he know, the child doesn't even know what a photo-fit is called!
Unfortunately, however this conversation was acquiring a severe atmosphere of deja-vu about it!
'Where were you?' another eager student questioned.
'In Paperchase'
'Oooh, I LOVE Paperchase'
'It does have fantastic stationery in it, doesn't it!' I agreed, 'That was when I realised I recognised him - when I was over in the magnificent stationery!'
'Was he in Coronation Street?' A new voice piped up.
This time, I was prepared: 'No, I've Googled the Coronation Street characters and he isn't one of those; I've also Googled Emmerdale, and I watch Eastenders all the time, umm, well occasionally anyway... you know when I'm not reading War and Peace and similarly cultural canonic literature... so I know he's not in that one'.
'Is he in Hollyoaks?'
'I wouldn't think so, I don't watch Hollyoaks lie lie lie so I couldn't be sure, but I don't think he was good looking enough! Also, when I saw Darren from Hollyoaks in a restaurant a couple of months ago, I recognised him straight away!'
'Miss? How do you know who Darren is if you don't watch it?' Oooops....
'Ummmm... so, any ideas then?'
'No, Would you like me to Google it for you?'

You see, even the next generation rely on Google for all the answers (particularly when their teacher doesn't have them!)... they are going to be SO disappointed when they discover the real truth of the matter!

Unfortunately, all this means is that I am still no nearer to knowing the truth about who the possibly famous man was; and unfortunately the image of him is rapidly disappearing, by the minute, in my ageing brain to the point where I fear that even if I did see him again, I would have forgotten that it was him I had seen in the first place. If you know what I mean!

And just to make things clear, I'm not obsessed about it... I'm not! really... I'm not!

Activity: A walk around the park, a chat with a very young lady who thought Doris looked like a 'fluffy cloud' and a sprint after my dog to prevent her from being
A: never seen again or
B: eaten,
when a local Chav Dog chased after her.

Distance: about 1/2 a mile - total estimate, and although this doesn't seem like much, it did include a little interval training if you include the Chav Dog racing.
Time: 15 minutes - cut short you see, by the Chav Dog.

Feeling: Like my coach decided to do some new-fangled, fancy London running yesterday which has left me incapable of moving!


  1. It wasn't new fangled or from London it was circuit training mixed with intervals! And I'm aching today and we'll do it once a month until you can get off the floor doing burpees!

  2. Kings of Leon were playing at Old Trafford at the weekend, was it one of them? (although I expect they have 'people' to go shopping in Paperchase for them!)

  3. Chav dog racing...could it be the next big thing?

  4. Chav dog? Asssume wearing gold collar, huge chain and burberry hat?

  5. LOL! Boiling of bunnies comes to mind :)

    Did the dog look like this - http://www.glasgowsurvival.co.uk/belters/ned_dog.jpg

    Glad you got the half a mile in too!


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