Thursday, 2 June 2011

Juneathon Day 2

Speedy 'Road Runner': Maggie

'Which way back would you like to go now?' Pete asked the group, as we neared closer to track and the end of our training session, 'The slightly longer way back, along the road, or the shorter route but with the danger of nettles?'
'Nettles' we all agreed.
'Although...' I mused whilst checking my Garmin, 'If we took the longer route, we might make it up to 5 miles'.
'It's probably not quite far enough still.' replied Pete, confirming for us all that we would definitely brave the nettle route. 'And anyway, it doesn't matter because tonight wasn't about distance, it was about speed.'


'I didn't hit much 'speed'...' I admitted.
'Were you running faster than this?' Pete questioned whilst indicating to the slow and relaxed cool-down plod we were all currently doing.
'Oh yes.' I replied with certainty, 'Definitely much faster than this.'
'Well then you did speed work.' He confidently assured me.


Tonight's club session was speed work. I did 3 x 'fast'... sorry: fast... 1/2 mile repeats along the bank of the canal with 1/4 mile recovery between (except I cheated and cut my recoveries short as I was conscious of falling far behind the others!)

So as a result today's Janathon activity was once again running and, as was reliably confirmed by Reliableplodder earlier in a conversation (that I gatecrashed) on Twitter, (Well, the mention of wine caught my attention!) I will have earnt myself 1 large and 1 small glass of wine. I'm thinking of saving that until tomorrow when I shall add it to some unearned, guilt-ridden wine and consume in comfort under the blaze of the afternoon sun whilst reading a good book...

Activity: running
Time: 49:49
Distance: 4.68
Feeling: slow and hot!
Run Saturday


  1. Great blog! Being new to both Juneathon & blogging, it's good to see the way it should be done!
    Good luck for the rest of the month.
    Ian (runningman856).

  2. That's not gate crashing... its identifying the key bits of info in a twitter feed! I am impressed by your self control saving your well earned wine until tomorrow. I drank mine!

  3. @runningman856 Thanks Ian! :-)
    @fairweatherrunner it wasn't so much will power as not wanting to fall asleep within 5 mins on the sofa. I know myself too well! :-)

  4. Ooooooo get you, speed freak.

  5. Wine, sunshine and a book. Lovely.


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