Friday, 24 June 2011

Juneathon Day 24: Car Dancing

Hands up... who's tried car dancing?

No? Well you should try it... it's great fun!

And... yes! I can see your hand up over there in Essex... excellent! As a convert to the great art already, you'll be more than versed in its positive properties and calorie burning potential. Plus the many and varied opportunities it offers, on a drive home, to be caught enthusiastically embraced 'in the act' several times by the occupants of the cars in front, either side and, believe it of not, even behind you!

Wayne and Garth knew how to pull off a 'cool Car Dance'!

Activity: 'Car Dancing' to Take That on the drive from Not-so-Little Bro's house back to mine.
Distance: As the car is actually moving, I will count it as approximately 4 miles of Car Dancing
Time: 30 minutes (including some stationary traffic car dancing, offering multiple opportunities for Car Dancing Voyeurists.
Feeling: Not in the slightest bit embarrassed!


  1. Sister( In Law)24 June 2011 at 22:18

    When I read the title I thought you might have been referring to Steve's back seat antics lol! Nothing wrong with a bit of car dancing,works the upper body :).xxx

  2. Would it be wrong to do this on a motorbike?

  3. On a motorbike... Maybe a little difficult, but definitely not wrong!
    Sis- he defo managed a bit if car dancing himself there, just a shame he's not as good at it as me!! :-)

  4. I'm in Luton but from essesx so I'm just gonna take it its me your waving at -0 because I too did this today!!! Wierd...

  5. My OH tries to pretend he's not with me whenever I break out into a little car dance.

  6. Next time I'll remember this. Today I'm going out and about on the tube so it might be a challenge!

  7. Love it! and may very well 'borrow' this idea for Juneathon on Monday when I have to drive home from Durham after a uni Open Day for my son = Bohemian Rhapsody on the radio, mom - car dancing, teenage son - hiding under the seat :)


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