Monday, 20 June 2011

Juneathon Day 20: New-Fangled Fancy London Running

Today I discovered what it's really like to need all your stamina, strength and staying power. Sod the marathon. This was circuit training!

Something happened to Coach Pete whilst he was in London, and he came back with some new-fangled, fancy 'London' ideas. He claims they are neither new-fangled, nor fancy 'London' ideas, but he didn't have them until he spent the week there, so I disagree.

We should have foreseen what was to come when he started tonight's session with a very mysterious introduction: 'We're going to do something a little different tonight' he announced, 'Something we've never done before.'
We all looked warily at him.
'First of all, we're going to run up to the park; when we get there, I'll explain the session'.
Very cunning you see... he doesn't tell you the sadistic details until you're a mile from base, which ensures that by the time the revelation has occurred, you're too far from your car to leap back into it and make a quick escape!

As it turned out, the session involved: a football pitch; squats, burpees, jumping jacks, lunges, press-ups and sit-ups; with a lap and a bit of the footy pitch in between each set! Seriously!... I know!

During the session, I discovered that my stamina is not too bad - better than expected anyway - and that I have zero upper body strength! In fact, I was incapable of completing the burpees due to my demise into a fit of giggles at quite how weak I really am - strength of a gnat - actually, that's unfair to gnats, they manage to fly around places so clearly have quite good upper body strength... perhaps the strength of an amoeba.

Regardless, the session nearly killed me - actually killed, not some metaphorical use of hyperbole to highly over-exaggerate the situation which in reality was really just a little hard - no, really nearly dead.

I hope you're reading this Coach Pete... and you consider this before you start introducing any more new-fangled, fancy 'London' ideas! I nearly DIED tonight!

Though if I'm completely honest, it was really good fun, and although it was incredibly hard work, I have to admit (very quietly) that I did enjoy doing it. Shhhhhh... don't tell Pete!

Thankfully, I didn't die... as you can tell - writing a blog is not the actions of a dead person - but instead have two rather achey legs, which I'm going to take on their way to bed, whilst I continue to contemplate who the possibly famous person was that I saw yesterday! I'm not obsessed about it... I'm not (really!). However, if I haven't managed to dig his name out of the distant reaches of my mind by tomorrow morning, I am going to take Fattipuff's advice and ask the kids... kids know everything! (BTW Oldbagrunning... he was in his early-mid thirties...ish!). Any suggestions, more than welcome; I'm not obsessed... I'm not, I'm not!!

Come on legs... off we go.

Activity: Running and silly new-fangled clever London circuit training thingys
Distance: 3.89 miles
Time: 50 minutes
Feeling: Nearly dead!


  1. Oh burpees! Evil, evil, but great for your legs!

  2. Lets hope the coach does not return to London for a very long time

  3. It sounds to me as though he went to one of fairweather's bmf classes when he was in London town.

  4. I'm going to start a petition against him ever returning there again! And I agree Abradypus, it sounds exactly like he joined Fairweather runner at one of her classes!!! I now know that BMF stands for bum might fall-off!

  5. Definitely sounds like a BMF class and the worse full on kind with a hard run between each set. Enough to make everything burn (bums especially) the next day! Careful you don't start craving more!
    ...Oooh Burpees you kind of love them or hate them!


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