Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Juneathon Day 15: Great minds!

Happy Half Way Juneathon everyone!

Thank you to all those of you who commented on my blog yesterday and completely validated my Supermarket Slimnastic exercise for the day. In fact, not only validated but were happy to admit that you too, joined the basket carrying cause yesterday in your Juneathoning - There must have been something in the air! - However, I have to admit that I am in awe of notmuchofarunner and Carrick "Pyro" Armer who even went to the extent of activating their GPS devices within order to officially record the activity, with notmuchofarunner answering that age old question (of course it is!) of how many calories does a supermarket dash burn? Answer: 6...which I am under the impression he used to treat himself to a slither of chocolate!

We are certainly a creative bunch and I think the challenge is surely now out there as to who can complete the most creative Juneathon activity as we enter the second half of the competition!

Additionally, as we are clearly not alone in our creativity I propose that we should also take the suggestion of  Fortnightflo (who notably also took part in some Supermarket Slimnastics yesterday - although at least she walked there and back!!), and lobby RunningFree to get Supermarket Slimnastics added as a activity; It is a travesty that we are unable, at the moment, to log this increasingly popular (surely soon to be) sport as part of our official Juneathon. More needs to be done people!

As for today's Juneathon, after the strenuous pursuits of yesterday, today obviously had to be a rest day. So, in the true spirit of Juneathon, I still got out there with Doris and I completed a gentle mile stroll round (and round and round and round) the small field behind my house. In order to complete a mile, I did have to complete several circuits of the field (it is particularly tiny) and add on a walk up to the high street and back again. However this was very useful, as I was able to creatively combine my exercise with some social networking, enabling me to catch up on the tweeting and facebooking of the day - Well, I am a social butterfly  you know!

Activity: walking and tweeting
Distance: 1 mile
Time: 19 minutes (social networking whilst walking slows you down apparently!)
Feeling: very social


  1. God yes please make shopping an activity I can log on Runsaturday, that is something I do enjoy

  2. It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?!! :-)

  3. Please can we also lobby Running Free to add stairclimbing to the list!


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