Thursday, 9 June 2011

Juneathon Day 9: Catching up...

Today I...

Didn't catch up with the pile of marking I'd set myself to do;
Nearly caught up with reading some blogs... but not quite;
Enjoyed catching up with some friends at running club (metaphorically, not physically, they're far too fast for me!);
Caught up with last night's Apprentice (Oh yes... good decision!)

And now I'm going to...

Catch up on the sleep I missed last night...

Night all!

What 5th member? There's only 4 in my dreams!!

Activity: Running
Distance: 4.6 miles (intervals)
Duration: 55 minutes
Feeling: sleepy... yaaaaawn....


  1. You appear to be running in your sleep - you just can't stop, can you?!

  2. Always running and smiling!! Always! :-)

    And thanks Chris! :-)


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