Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Juneathon Day 1

The dilemma: Today is the first day of Juneathon. On this day I managed to:
1. do some marking
2. have my hair cut
3. do some more marking
4. eat lunch
5. do some more marking
6. meet my friend for a diet coke
7. do some more marking...

By which point, the time had reached 4.07pm (precisely!). Plans for the day to come included:
1. walk Doris
2. do some more marking
3. go to the cinema with Mik to watch X-men (Which incidently was really good... First Class in fact! You should go and watch it!!
4. do some more marking.

As intelligent people, I doubt I need to spell out the dilemma - but I'm going to anyway - When was I going to E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E?

For those of you who were following in January, you will remember the craziness of Janathon, where I ran, blogged, and was followed by (dead) squirrels every day. Well Juneathon is a very similar event except there are no squirrels (yet) and I don't plan to run everyday; if you have been following since January, the 'no running everyday' idea will make perfect sense because you will also be aware that in the intermediary period, I have run the London Marathon and consequently broken my running. Juneathon requires physical activity / exercise everyday, rather than running specifically so this is the approach I have chosen to take for Janathon's warmer sibling.

Therefore, with today being not only day one of Juneathon but also National Running Day it was imperative that I ensured some exercise was achieved and that really this exercise should be running.

'So, What did you do?' I hear you cry... 'What did you do?'

I went sort of running. Yes, at 4.09pm I laced up my trainers, put the dog on the lead and headed out of the door for a sort of run...

Doris and I do Day 1 of Juneathon in style... dress, mac and trainers

This counts as Juneathon activity because:
1. If I had just been taking Doris for a walk, I would not have put trainers on - trainers are for exercising in!
2. If I had just been taking Doris for a walk, I would have not inserted little mini bursts of running into the walk - in fact, I just completed some Fartlek training!
3. If I had just been taking Doris for a walk, I would not have bored you with a blog about it, or recorded the activity with the Nike app on my shiny new iphone and neither would I have added the activity to Run Saturday.
4. and finally, if I had just been taking Doris for a walk, Lance Armstrong would not have personally congratulated me on achieving a personal best!

So, Day one of Juneathon... done.

Activity: walk / run
Distance: 1.33 miles
Time: 21.11
Feeling: good
Run Saturday


  1. Trainers = running = counts. At least in my book.

  2. I am sure and hope that June fixes your running

  3. Welcome back!

    Good luck with Juneathon and now get back to the marking you SWOT! :)

    I need to see that film too! by the looks you recommend

  4. Impressive day of tasks! Doris looks very chuffed with her run/walk too.

  5. Definitely counts! Well done.

  6. I wish i'd known it was National Running Day. I'd have tried a little more enthusiasm on my jog around the park - maybe I'd have even managed 4 laps!

  7. Glad you all agree it counts... Am feeling a little less guilt now although will still aim to do better tomorrow if only to get rid of all the cinema popcorn and nacho calories I consumed tonight!
    Mart... Defo recommend it, especially if you like comic book movies... One of the best of the genre I reckon :-)

  8. Sorry to hear about the broken running, that's not so good. But that is quite a list of tasks to get done in one day. And you ran. And Doris looks particularly happy about it.

  9. Great interval session ;-P

    And, well done with all the marking. Hope the pile continues to diminish.

  10. I agree with all of the above... trainers and outdoors counts and keeping your dog happy should always be a priority!

  11. Nice hair cut too :-)


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