Saturday, 11 June 2011

Juneathon Day 11: Some sense of purpose...

Today I went walking with Doris and Mik...

And then I had lunch...

And then I started marking...

And then I fell asleep whilst marking...

And then I went to the shop and bought yummy stuff that will make me fat...

And then I ate too much yummy stuff and felt sick...

And then I carried on marking...

And then I fell asleep again...

And then I blogged...

And then I marked my own writing

And I only gave it 5 out of 18: Clear communication of ideas with more sense of audience and purpose. Uses some organisational devices appropriately with occasional conscious selection of words. 

And then I thought that was not good because I am an English teacher 
and people will judge me 
and they will think that is bad and that I am not very good...

And then I thought maybe I should change it 
and write a better blog rather than this blog 
which would only be marked 5 out of 18 
if I was being marked by a GCSE examiner...

And then I realised that I'm not writing in a GCSE examination 
and I'm already a teacher 
and an examiner so it doesn't actually matter.

And then I said to myself 'you should stop writing
 because this is getting ridiculous and long'.

And then I realised that now my writing wasn't even a 5 out of 18 any more 
because I had written too much and had lost awareness of my audience 
who had now probably stopped reading 
so now it was only 4: 
an occasional sense of audience and purpose. 
Ideas sequenced simply.

And then I thought 'I better stop now because there is no sense in what I'm doing'.

And then I did.


  1. According to the APP grids, you are a secure level 1, working towards level 2; however, previous work on the "squirrels" project provides sufficient evidence to suggest you are working well above the average for children in your year group. Well done, Maggie. Let's focus on connectives in the next lesson...

    and I want those chocolates now.

  2. I will set myself some smart targets in order to achieve more fluency and cohesion in my writing. Meanwhile, the chocolates were, sorry, *are* delicious!

  3. Go for the Next step targets - I can statements are far easier to understand this level 2 statement you have been dooing for 10 days so must be secure 'I know why I am writing a report and who it is for.'

  4. Aaaargh! Exam world jargon! Please make it stop. All I know is that in the real world your blog scores ten out of ten.


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