Sunday, 26 June 2011

Juneathon Days 25 + 26: Each Jog, Walk, Run...

Each Jog Walk Run(*)
I spy Juneathon
Juneathon's become a habbit
I spy Bad Wabbit
Bad Wabbit in the cellar
I spy Fairweather
Fairweather's on the move
I spy Marts2smooth
Mart2smooth out swimming
I spy Oldbagrunning
Oldbagrunning at a show
I spy Fortnightflo
Fortnightflo on the bus(**)
I spy Abradypus
Abradypus in a van
I spy the Runningman
Runningman o'er the bog
I spy jogalog
Jogalog on the go
I spy Shaz and Jo
Shaz and Jo in the buff (***)
They spy Fattipuff
Fattipuff writing her blog
I spy Jogblog
Jogblog in the sun
I spy everyone!

* Some might say a 'low-brow' pastiche; I prefer to use the words 'nostalgia' and 'popular culture'
** please apply Northern Accent 
*** I know, I know... and I do apologise, but you try finding something that rhymes with 'puff'!

Activity: Walking in heels back and forth under a racecourse to place and retrieve bets at Chester Races
Distance: I'm sure it was a very long way... did I mention it was in heels?!
Time: 4 hours in all - a long time in heels!
Feeling: Brilliant! It was Charlotte's 30th birthday celebrations and we had a great day!
Lessons learned: 1 - don't wear heels to the races!

Activity: A walk around Hollingworth Lake with Paula and Doris
Distance: 2 miles
Time: 1hr 30 mins (including frolicking in the lake - Doris that is! - and eating icecream - us that is!)
Feeling: much better for it, although very sunburnt with silly strapmarks
Lessons learned: 0 - I'd like to say 1 - wear suntan lotion - but I make this mistake every year so I don't think I can honestly claim that one!


  1. Oh I love this!! Each peach pear plum, is it the end of Juneathon!!! xx

  2. I wonder if you are you the first to Juneathon in heels?

    Perhaps you should have a go at this:

  3. Oh my!! Imagine the pain!!!

  4. Wow! That's speeeeeeeeeedy!
    I bizarrely run a little better than I walk in heels - although it's all relative and I mostly walk around in bare feet ;)

  5. It's a little concerning when there are people out there who can run faster in heels than I can in trainers!!!

  6. :) hope those bets were profitable!!

  7. Heels really do my calves in.... Damn, I probably shouldn't have revealed that!!!!

  8. Brilliant, but shaz in buff is not good!

  9. Lol. Glad it weren't me in the buff!

  10. Sorry I cant comment about running in heels! :)

    Hope you won some ££ on the gee gees?

    Hope your recovering well and get back into running soon!


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