Friday, 10 June 2011

Juneathon Day 10: Round and Round...

Round and round the garden,
Like a teddy bear,
One step - two step - 
It's for Juneathon... I swear!
Doris loves a Dressing Gown Dash too!

If you were familiar with JogBlog back in Janathon, or you're following Notmuchofarunner during Juneathon, this dressing gown business will make perfect sense... If you're not, you probably think I've gone bonkers (Okay, more bonkers?!)... I have; paper 464 is now done... I have no stamina, no skills and no brain left... 'nuf said!

Activity: The Garden Dressing Gown Dash
Distance: 0.04 miles
Time: 30 seconds
Feeling: Oh my... so very tired!


  1. Ha ha, love it! The Dressing Gown Dash is certainly taking off in Juneathon.

  2. Good girl, good girl! :-)

  3. You look quite sinister in that photo, like some kind of dog-napping grim reaper. Poor Doris. Although having said that Doris doesn't look to fazed by the situation. If that was my cat she'd be having a slight attack of the vapours at me stalking around in a dressing gown.

    The dressing gown dash seems to be taking off in Juneathon. Jogblog is such a trend setter.

    Hope the brain comes back soon.

  4. Haha brilliant love the pics!

  5. God I hope the neighbours weren't watching!

  6. Absolutely fabulous!! You go girl!!!

  7. tee hee... I have to admit, even I thought I looked quite sinister!!!! I REALLY hope the neighbours weren't watching!!! :-)


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