Friday, 17 June 2011

Juneathon Day 17: I LOVE Running

OH my, oh my, oh my! Today was the best- best-best-bestbestbest!

I went for a run... running running running all the way! It was sooooo much fun... Eeeeeeeeeeee I'm still soooooo excited!

We ran down the road and then we ran around the corner and all the time we were running and running and running and running and then there was another road and we kept running and running and it was the best thing in the world!

It was the most fun thing ever until we stopped at a road and a big red car went whoooooooshing by and I stuck my tongue out at it! Then, when it had gone past we ran again and we didn't stop running until we got to the park - I LOVE love love the park. Isn't it the best

I ran LOADS in the park - I ran up and down and round and round in little circles and BIG CIRCLES and it was the most fun ever until it started raining...

 I LOVE rain - love, love, lovelovelove rain and I got so excited that I had to stop and have a little poo.

I was at my excitement peak now and I thought I might bURst;  I really didn't think that I could have any more fun and but there was even more! There really was because I ran all the way round the park. All the way! Running and running and running and running - Oooooooooooh and there was so much stuff to see and smell and hear - so much -  so much fun!

The best bit though - the best bit had to be - the best bit was the stream! I LOVE the stream... love - love - loveloveLOVE it! I Whooooooooshed into that stream so fast I was a blur, making the water splash, splash SPLASH all over. It was the BEST! I got so wet that when I got out I had to shake and shake and shake and shake all over and it was so exciting I had to have a little excitement wee.

Then, just when I thought it was all over because we were turning for home, I realised that we had to RUN home too! We just had to... yes- yes- yes!!! It was Brilliant! And all the way home we ran and ran and ran and because I had been so good... cos I'm good - I'm so good me - all the time - I am... we did a special extra lap around my favourite park in the world right behind our house - a special treat! because I'm soooogoooood!

Awwwwww... I just LOVE running! Love loveloveloveloveloveloveloveLOVE running! It's brilliant!

Oh my, oh my, ohmyohmy... Can we go out again?

Doris x

Activity: Running
Distance: 2 miles
Time: 20 minutes
Feeling: Fun!


  1. What on earth has Juneathon done to you!?!
    Great Doris! Happy happy happy...!!!

  2. LOVE this so much - such a great post. Doris is clearly a champ. Dogs are like their owner right!?

  3. Ooo, girl-crush on Doris!

    All that running & running & RUNNING, yet only 2 miles? Her legs are... short :-)

  4. brilliant blog, well done Doris on day 18 of Juneathon :)

  5. doris what ever they are feeding you please send some my way

  6. Doris.
    Glad you love running - so does Maggie!
    So wake her for a lovely run every morning at 6am!x

  7. Hahaha took me a while to realise you were writing from Doris' point of biew - I thought you were giving a bit TMI with the excitement poo!

  8. Doris is fantastic. I'm going to dognap her for when I'm feeling a lazy.

  9. Aww what a cute post! I love talking animals. x


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