Thursday, 24 March 2011

Yasso Yay!

And up another step on the running success ladder... my Yasso 800's session was a great success for the following reasons:

1. I ran all 10 of the 800's;
2. I felt really good as I ran... none of the heavy lead legs nonsense I've been getting lately;
3. I felt like I was running really fast... and at times I (relatively) was;
4. It was fun!

So Yasso Yay! Thanks Bob (lol!) Bart Yasso for coming up with the idea, and thanks Pete for organising it on the track for us!

Another session at club tonight (hopefully easy)... did I say that? I didn't say that!!

And then I'm ready for the Wilmslow Half Marathon on Sunday... a slightly out of the ordinary approach to the race which will see me parking 3 miles from the event to include a run there and back, taking my total number of miles to 19 for the day and quite handily slipping my final massive marathon training run into the equation!

Thursday Distance: 8.46 miles
Feeling: Great again!
Weather: lovely.


  1. What a quality session!

    Well done! I do enjoy a track session now and then. 10 x 800m... WOW! I find 400's hard enough!

  2. They do say a warm up run/jog before a distance race is ideal to get the body ready!
    All the best for Sunday!

  3. Thanks everyone... I really did enjoy it believe it or not! Gotta be ready for Sunday now!! :-)

  4. Maggie it's Bart Yasso not Bob! LOL Where are your splits? Well done on the session it was great running! Good luck for Sunday just treat it as a long run!

  5. ha ha... edited accordingly Pete... what can I say, this training has made me tired!! :-)


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