Friday, 4 March 2011

I can do this...

I can, I can, I can, I can, I can...

I - Can - Do - This!

What is this? It's the big 2-0. Unfortunately I am not referring to my age, although I completely understand why you would think that; it's the running, it keeps me young! No this is an even bigger 20: The Trimpell 20. 20 miles!

I have never before run 20 miles, but on Sunday I will. I WILL!

I will...
1. Prepare my race number and everything I need the night before;
2. Eat well and sleep well the night before;
3. Eat a good, but normal, breakfast of porridge and blueberries on the morning of the race;
4. Think positively;
5. Take it steady and not go out too fast aiming to run at 'marathon pace' of around 10 minute miles;
6. Think positively ;
7. Use music, jelly beans and water to energise me around the course;
8. Warm up and cool down effectively and properly;
9. Think positively;
10. Enjoy myself.

And why shouldn't I do well? I am well prepared for this: I did well last weekend in the GNW 1/2 marathon, the sports massage on Tuesday sorted out my overtight muscles, and I felt really good after a steady run at club yesterday.

20 miles? Bring it on!

Distance: 4.90 miles (3rd March)
Feeling: Much better than Monday!
Weather: Cold but clear.


  1. Maggie you are going to do brilliantly. I'm so looking forward to hearing your results. Sounds like an excellent plan you have there and with some PRB you'll be flying.

    Have fun.

  2. Very best wishes for the 20, enjoy

  3. Of course you can do it! Get in there!

  4. Thanks everyone... I'm enjoying carbing up and relaxing right now... gotta get the preparation right!! :-)

  5. Go girlfriend you are going to have a great run, you'll be calm and positive and relaxed and you'll finish strong and happy. Good luck - but you donlt need luck because you have PRB!


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