Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Short but sweet!

Long run sidelined as life takes over... still taking over... a short post for a short run... short, but longer than yesterday!

And... yipeeee!... I enjoyed my run... why would you run if you're not enjoying it? You ask... because I have a marathon to complete in one month's time! Aggghhhh! One month?! Ok... calm...and, breathe!

But today was fun; a fun 3.22 miles whilst listening to Marathon Talk and (some of) an interview with Ron Hill MBE... Inspiring.

Watch this space for tomorrow's long run!

Distance: 3.22 miles
Feeling: joyful!
Weather: warmer than it looked, I was wrapped up way too warm!

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  1. Fun is good. Enjoy tomorrow's long run.


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