Monday, 21 March 2011


Q = Where am I?

A = At home writing on a blog about my running training.

Q = Where should I be?

A = At Running Club!!

It's not just me that sees the irony in that is it?!

My running has not been going great recently. I think that may be the biggest understatement of the year, but I'm trying to look on a more positive side of things!

The downturn was with my 'long run' last week; I write in the inverted commas as it was not the 2 hour jaunt it was supposed to be. I managed only 8 miles, and even that took me 1.5 hours. The problem was stomach related and all that goes along with that; whereas at the time, I put it down to an extreme case of the RT's, it turns out that a few people around me have had similar experiences since, and none of them have been running, so I'm now inclined to believe that it was actually a stomach bug. This soothes me slightly as I was mighty worried about running if there was ever going to be a chance that such an infliction should occur again!

As it was my brother's wedding at the weekend, with family visiting from Friday, I knew I wouldn't be running over the weekend period and had factored that in. What I hadn't factored in was falling asleep tonight and missing running club!

A clear indication that I'm not as young as I was, and a weekend of partying now seriously takes its toll; ah well, I'm not going to moan and groan about it. The week is young and I intend to make up for it. On the bright side, the extra sleep was clearly needed and at least I didn't nod off whilst running... that could have been dangerous! The plan now is to do a quality session of some sort tomorrow (maybe an Audiofuel Pyramid run), a 2 - 2.5 hour run on Wednesday, Club on Thursday and a short recovery on Friday. This will leave me with a complete rest day on Saturday, then the Wilmslow Half on Sunday which I will be using as a marathon training run, tagging a few extra miles onto the beginning and end. Sorted.

Now, to indulge in some pasta and pretend I made it to running club!

Distance: Thursday = 8 miles, Today = 2 hours sleep!
Feeling: sleepy!!
Weather: would have been nice for running but apparently better for sleeping!!


  1. Tomorrow is another day - PRB!!!

  2. Sounds like you needed the rest and that you're going to more than make up for the night off with the runs you've planned for the rest of the week! Hope the Wilmslow half goes well on Sunday :-)

  3. Listen to your body and enjoy the benefits of that rest - good luck for the race on Sunday :)

  4. Good luck on Sunday!


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