Friday, 25 March 2011

Easy does it!

My week has just got better and better! With my fingers crossed, I headed off to training last night and the good luck followed me... it was an easy session!

Not that I don't like hard work... no, you know me - I relish it! (ur-hum) - However, after working so hard yesterday and with Sunday on the horizon, an easy session was just what the doctor ordered... and very likely the physio too!

With the jog around the block done, I've decided to rest now; I also appear to have added eating a large amount of cake into my rest day too which was not at all in the plan, but has been most enjoyable! The plan was actually supposed to be not to eat any cake, chocolate and biscuits until after the marathon... what can I say, I have ZERO will power! I have justified it to myself thusly: 'Well you are training for a marathon - which hurts a lot! - you deserve to treat yourself, it's not like you eat badly the rest of the time, in fact your diet is the healthiest it's ever been... there's got to be some incentive to all this training! It's just one day... it's fine... it's all good...' There's still a little bit of chocolate guilt, but that's to be expected... I am female after all!

Sunday plans are all in place: I'm driving over with 3 of the others from Club, we're arriving an hour, or so, earlier than the start so we can fit in a good 3-4 mile jog before hand. My intention is to keep my legs moving before the race, during the race (obviously), and then for another few miles after so Sunday ultimately hits around 19-20 miles in total... my final long run before the marathon.

Thanks to those of you who left messages of good luck on my previous post... I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday Distance: 4.42 miles
Feeling: tired from the Yasso's
Weather: very warm for March!


  1. Next year, if you don't get a place in the VLM, you'll have to do Brighton and celebrate with a choccywoccydoodah cake :)

  2. Good luck on Sunday

  3. Good luck! Chocolate is a must for any runners diet... Honest! :)

  4. Wow! Just googled Choccywoccydoodah cake and am incrediably impressed... I might even have to head to Brighton after this year's VLM and treat myself to one of those beauties!


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