Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Recovery Road

It is, once again, with the help of Captain Hindsight that I write this post! Yesterday (in hindsight) I should have had a rest day. 'What? But you've made the same 'in hindsight mistake' before Maggie!' I hear you exclaim. And yes... I know. I have.

This time wasn't quite the same as the last though, and thankfully doesn't seem () to have been as disruptive. I set off for club feeling good; a little stiff, granted, but good. The session started with a mile warm-up and I felt good. We set off on our first hard interval - the session (courtesy of Sara) being an interval pyramid of 1-2-3-4 minutes hard, with 1 minute recovery between, then back down - and I still felt relatively good. My knee twinged, so I stopped, reminded myself about my bum, readjusted my posture and running gait, set off again, and felt fine. It soon became clear though that however 'fine' I felt (or had convinced myself I felt?), I wasn't. My legs felt as though they were running through treacle; they were very stiff and as much as I tried, I couldn't maintain a speed anywhere close to the rest of the group. Steadily I was falling behind.

Right. Time for a new approach. The others were doing an interval session, with hard runs and jog/walk recoveries between, which meant that if I simply maintained a steady pace, by the end of their pyramid, I wouldn't be that far behind them. My legs still felt stiff but nothing hurt, so drawing on a little PRB, I began my own session - a steady run! Meeting the others at the end, still recovering from their last interval, it was clear that my strategy had worked and I was now back with the rest of the group for the cool down run.

With just under 2 miles back to the track, this shouldn't have been a problem. Except, of course, it was. All of a sudden, the back of my left knee (which has never caused me any problems in the past) started to pull so tight, I could barely get any range of movement out of it. I persevered but the more I did the tighter it became. Eventually a pain started, in the back of my knee where it felt taught, and I had no option but to stop and walk; unlike last time, walking didn't hurt but I was still about half a mile from the home base and it  was a slow return back. Pete very kindly walked with me, for which I am very grateful - thanks Pete - but needless to say, I have now learnt my lesson: no running the day after a 'hard' / 'long' run, my legs just aren't up to it and I will only ruin someone elses session!!

Thankfully, I'd had the foresight to think that I may be in need of a sports massage following the half marathon yesterday, and had a session already booked for after work today. Evil Lovely Jo, squidged and squashed, poked and pummeled my muscles once again, whilst I lay on the table with gritted teeth and curled toes. Acually, It's testament to how good a job she does that I went back today, as whilst lay on the table it's the last place I want to be; however, last week once all the pain had subsided from the torture massage, I'd felt better than I have in ages and I truly believe I wouldn't have managed that 13.1 miles without her... and to be fair, she is also really rather lovely which (almost) makes up for the pain she inflicts... alright, I did say almost!

So now I wait to see what tomorrow brings which will hopefully be a run, though I am going to be boringly (actual made up word) sensible as I've the Trimpell 20 on the training plan for Sunday; my first 20 mile race. The word 'race' being a loose term. However, I would like to try and maintain the 10 minute mile pace I managed on the half this weekend. I'm also hoping that by Sunday, I will have actually gone to the bother of finding out where Trimpell actually is... as currently I've no idea... it sounds rather nice though: Trim-pell, just trips off the tongue and conjures images of a little wooded nook full of peaceful pixies and impish elves and... well, runners I guess.

Distance: 5 miles
Feeling: good... until I broke!
Weather: nice.


  1. You didn't ruin anyone's session Maggie! And Trimpell is on the edge of Morecambe/Lancaster and no where near the sea and there maytbe some wooded nooks and upside down trees!!!

  2. You numpty! Rest days are sometime the best session, especailly after a half.

    If you want to train the day after get in that pool for 45 mins!

    happy recovery!

  3. Cant believe you even tried to run after the half marathon! Good luck with Trimpell wherever it may be

  4. Thanks Pete! :-) I'm really hoping there are actually upside down trees!

    Martyn and Shaz... I don't think I can believe it now! I will NOT be running after the 20 miles... this numpty will definitely take the opportunity to rest weary legs!!! ;-)

  5. Aah, you poor thing. Like the picture you conjure of of Trimpell...look forward to hearing what it's actually like! Goodluck with the 20 miler!


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