Thursday, 10 March 2011

Out and Back

Out and Back Session: Run out slow fast for 18 minutes, run back fast faster to the starting point in 16.

I ran out in 18 minutes. I ran back in 16.15... not bad on tired legs.

And my lucky legs get a well-earned couple of rest days now before the Trafford 10k on Sunday. Seeing as any ability to run faster than 9 minute miles seems to have escaped me at the moment, I'm not planning on breaking any records, personal or otherwise, but I am looking forward to only running 6 miles! Listen to me... only 6 miles... unbelievable!

PS... thanks for all your kind words of encouragement and congratulations lately. On a side note...

Abradypus - When I replace my Impressive Muscles with even more impressive ones, I will happily pass the old ones on... we'll arrange details closer to the time!

Fortnightflo and Jensruns2011 - I am LOVING your adjectives... superhuman and hardcore... and am currently contemplating how I can drop them into daily conversation with people... 'Well, yes, you know... I am quite a hardcore person, some might say 'superhuman', but I wouldn't like to brag...'

Shazruns - bruises definitely help the Other Half understand that you are not visiting Champneys (Other equally relaxing Spa's are available) every week and rather are being tortured half to death... I hope your eyes are feeling better :-)

Fairweatherrunner - do it... do it... do it... I am proof (in training) that you don't need to be a seasoned runner to meet the challenge of a marathon.

Pete - Thanks for all the encouragement and support in my running recently... I couldn't have done it without you!

Distance: 3.5 miles
Feeling: Tired
Weather: windy and showers.


  1. LOL I think doing the marathon qualifies you as both. I will be there on the 17th - my friend lives by the 5 mile point so we watch there for a bit then wander down to Greenwich and then on to the end. I shall shout and scream encouragement at every Maggie!!!

  2. Ive got tired legs today, thank god its only a short run today.. about 4 miles. Roll on Sunday Rest day.

    Good luck with the training!

  3. Carla... apparently my yellow running vest... yes - yellow! is arriving sometime this weekend, I will post a picture so you know which Maggie to scream at!! The encouragement will be VERY much appreciated!

    Enjoy your rest day Martyn, reading your blog, it's well earned!!

  4. "Only 6 miles" is definitely both hardcore and superhuman. And I've just realised that the London Marathon hasn't been moved to Vancouver this year...that's just something I've dreamt.

  5. The training is looking positive, Maggie. I'd expect nothing less from the PRB guru herself. I hope the 10K went well today.


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