Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Impressive Muscles

Tuesday: 3.20pm

'Your muscles are feeling really good' Lovely Jo, the physio, tells me as she grinds her elbow into my thigh.
'Really?' I grimace through (less) gritted (than usual) teeth.
'Yeah.' She confirms, 'they're really impressive'.

I've got impressive muscles! Yay! (Except the calves... the calves are still a bit knotty and tight... naughty calves!).

We agreed that it must be all the good Sports Massage work I've been having with my incrediably talented and wonderful Physio, Lovely Jo. But seriously, I have to say I was dreading how I'd feel following my epic race on Sunday. Yet, except for having to walk downstairs backwards on Sunday and a little John Wayne-esque walking on Monday (to be expected), I feel really good; so there must be something in it!


I find yet another bruise on my left calf. It is looking a lovely shade of purple; I now have a matching pair on each leg. Evil Physio and stupid Sports Massage!

Wednesday 7.20pm

I'm at Running Club and My Impressive Muscles are letting me down. Someone has replaced them for lead weights. My 1/2 mile interval reps are feeling slow and sluggish. But I complete three and jog back to the track.


I arrive back at the track and realise that my Slow and Sluggish, Impressive Muscles have carried me 6 miles! 6 miles which included 'speed' work in the middle. I am once again impressed with my Impressive Muscles. Well done muscles! Well done super talented and wonderful Physio, Lovely Jo!


I am treating my Impressive Muscles to a rest, some pasta and proven recovery food: Cherry juice... maybe they'll become even more impressive...

Maybe with a little more work...

Distance: 6 miles
Feeling: heavy and tired... but impressive!
Weather: cold with about 3 (literally) spots of rain.


  1. LOL well done to those impressive muscles. 6 miles WITH speedwork, Maggie you are a MACHINE! VLM is going to be a BREEZE for you - you're almost superhuman!

  2. Wow, impressive stuff - especially so soon after your 20 miler! You are hardcore! :-)

  3. Lucky you to have bruises to show I just have sore spots after the physio has done her stuff so would like proof that i really hurts have a sports massage sure hubby thinks its a pleasure only thing! Well done on all running you are som ready for VLM

  4. lol - if you ever decide to trade in your impressive muscles for an even more impressive set, may I have first dibs on them?


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