Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Getting (marginally) better

Well yesterday's run was a little more successful... not a successful, but more successful. Here is an equation to demonstrate said level of success:

(running slowly + additional effort) x (up hill on way out - down hill on way back) + (listening to good toons- snotty nose) = marginally better running but still not great!

Tonight I'm off to do Yasso 800's on the track. The aim is to do 10; judging by my recent inability to run any faster than 9.30 minute miles, this may not work out but at least there will be a baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn waiting at home to offer condolences once I've finished!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday Distance: 3.68 miles
Feeling: snotty
Weather: b-e-a-youtiful!


  1. Hope the snot did not slow you down!

  2. Hope the running went well and that you're feeling less snotty!

  3. Good luck (belatedly)

  4. Sometimes a snotty nose clears when you go running! Its a good place to blow all those cob webs away... I need to read your blog the other way around as I've started at the top and ive just congratulated you on doing the 800's!


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