Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wind, Rain and Hippos!

Yesterday was:

Today was back to it.

And what a nice surprise Pete had in store for us. "Tonight is just a run" he announced in the car park! What, no hills? No fast speediness? No killing me slowly with intervals? Just a run?... Yipeeee!  with a choice of routes of either just over 6 or just under 5 miles, we set off.

Pinch, punch, stretch, nick, pull, poke, pick, pinch... my muscles were torturing me! How is it even remotely possible that I manage to hurt more after a day of rest, than I ever hurt when running every day? I'm beginning to understand why Ron Hill does it! Anyway, ignoring my sadistic muscles I pushed on. With a choice of two routes to choose from, Paula and I naturally chose the 'proper' one: "6 miles... we can run 6 miles in an hour" Paula confirmed for me. Yes, we can. However, as the other 6 runners pulled further and further away from us in the first mile, we realised that perhaps we weren't going to achieve that goal tonight. Not wanting to do the 'wimp-out' route either though, we quickly re-calculated and devised a medium length 'not-quite-so-tough-but-not-too-wimpish-either' route.

As predicted, superspeedy raceters Karl and Dom whizzed past us about 2 miles from the end, despite their longer route, and the others caught us up on the final hill before the home straight. There was a lot more whizzing and whipping going on around us throughout the night -though thankfully not from other runners! - the wind was in a foul mood, attacking us from all angles during our run, and towards the end the rain decided to join in with a supersized sulk too; the weather was miserable!

Stop dancing on my legs hippos!!

Still, despite the aches and pains of my muscles and the woes of the weather, it was a very satisfying run. I'm also confident that today's 'I've had several heavy hippopotamuses dancing on my legs syndrome' will not occur again as my legs have since been severely reprimanded for trying to sneak in a double rest day... they have promised it will not happen again, and will be back to their spritely and receptive selves tomorrow. Excellent.

Distance: 5.7 miles
Feeling: achey but glad I ran
Weather: a frenzy of whippy wind and rain!
See my run here.


  1. love the little cartoon of sheep dreaming about hurdlers!! Sounds like a good run, well done.

  2. I know the feeling, Last nights run was a killer after the rest day!

  3. Stll running? well done for ignoring the sore muscles and getting out there

  4. Well done for getting out there. The hippos dancing on legs describes my legs perfectly! It is odd that a rest day does that?

  5. Oh no! I was planning a rest from running today...maybe I ought to rethink. Hippos don't sound nice at all.

  6. If you want to be able to run again, I'd advise against any rest days... my body has forgotten how to run since I rested!! Although slightly mean, I am glad I'm not the only person to have experienced this!!

    Disclaimer... Not sure what NO rest days would do... hippos are bad but if dancing rhino's are what come with running every day, that may be unadvisable too!!! :-)


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