Friday, 18 February 2011

The Ministry of Silly Runs

I've invented a new run. It occured like this:

'Bum, bum, bum, bum... think of your bum, engage your bum, work your bum, bum, bum, bum, bum...'

These thoughts were combined with some physical changes in my running style:

- A more pronounced lifting of the knee
- A shift of balance in the body
- A more upright torso
I imagine this all looked a little John Cleese-esque. That's not a good look! But it is a look that seemed to work.

However, I've got to admit it was a bit of a pain in the bum!

Distance: 2.3 miles
Feeling: good - first run after Monday's. Exercises after helped to ease any tightness.
Weather: cold.


  1. LOL!

    Maggiee with the Bums!

    Hope you have fully recovered before you hit the pavement again?

  2. Love the new mantra!

  3. I'm so behind with your blog - I can't believe I missed this work of genius. Bum, bum bum indeed. Hope the knee is feeling better - reminds me I ought to do my exercises before ITB bites me in the arse/knee again.

  4. ha ha, what can I say... it works!! Yes... I have learnt the benefit of exercises the hard way, but then I guess it does... funny that what bit me in the arse actually manifested itself in my knee... who'd have known that two parts of your body, so far away from each other would be so related!


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