Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Big G's Lesson

"I can't be bothered with all of this hard work!" Big G. stated to his close friend Hammy, "Can't you do it instead?"
"Why me? Why should I do all of your hard work?" queried his perplexed neighbour, "I'm not any stronger than you."
"No, but you could be..." suggested Big G, "Imagine it now, you could be the strongest of us all... you could have all the control... you could be a dictator of everything we all do. How about that? You know you want it... don't you?" he coaxed.

Hammy considered his friends' proposition. It was very tempting; after all, who doesn't want to be all powerful? Then again, it wasn't really in his nature; he wasn't designed, so to speak, to be the strong, controlling one; that was Big G's job. But Big G didn't want it; moreover, Big G was liberally dangling the offer of power and control in front of him on a string... he could do it! A little bit of effort would be all it would require; he just needed to work harder.

So Hammy accepted the position and worked and worked to be the best of all of them. He built himself up until he was so strong and powerful, that none of the others stood a chance. Unfortunately, as he became stronger and more powerful, he also became blind and ignorant to the plight of others around him. The suppression of his (previously) fellow comrades caused them pain, as he stole their jobs, weakened them, then forced them to carry out tasks that left them feeling fraught and frustrated.

Ruling the roost, Hammy thought himself to be invincible.

But he wasn't. One day, when he was least expecting it, Hammy came face to face with a specialist. Having seen this kind of behaviour before, the specialist was well prepared and immediately began to remedy the situation. Pushing, kneading, cajoling Hammy back from his superior status; the specialist strung him up in front of the others and demanded that things would change. Berating Big G, she made the situation clear and forced him to face his responsibilities: "Big G, this team needs leadership, not dictatorship" She explained, "Hammy is not, and never will be, capable of this. You, on the other hand, are. Already you are in a more favourable position to lead the others: Leading from the top, you are capable of taking the helm, strengthening yourself and your team and offering them a pain-free life where each and every muscle is able to work in happy harmony with the other. You can do this. Now, get to it!"

And so, with the inspiration he needed, Big G got to work building himself and balancing his team. Getting his younger brother, Little G, involved they worked and worked and worked until eventually, every muscle in Maggie's body was working together to create a lean, mean, running machine lead by the great and mighty Gluteus Maximus!

Distance: 0
Physio Appointment with Sports Massage: 1
Strengthening Exercises: done
M&S Apple Pies Eaten: 1 - with custard! Mmmmmm... yum, yum!
Appetite: strong!
Feeling: hopeful
Weather: doesn't really matter when you're curled up on the sofa scoffing apple pie!


  1. Glad you finally get to eat that apple pie, hope the physio has helped, fingers crossed that Big G and Little G learn to work together

  2. Totally... I've been forcing them into teamworking exercises tonight and they're raring to go now! :-)

  3. Curled up on the sofa scoffing apple pie sounds like my sort of day. Hope the physio does the trick.

  4. mmmmmm apple pie....

  5. Hope the physio does the trick. Glad to hear you've got your appetite pie and custard - yum yum! :-)

  6. Hope the physio does the trick. Glad to hear you've got your appetite pie and custard - yum yum! :-)


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