Monday, 14 February 2011

To my Valentine...

My trainers are yellow, my T-shirt is blue,
I only wear them when at one with you.
Today is so special I wanted to say:
I love you so much in many a way;
And although we’ve spent a week now apart,
You never left me, you're there in my heart;
So on Valentine’s Day, I went for a run:
Running, I love you; you're my Number One!
First run in a week was back at club today and Pete wisely suggested that I run with Candice, who is a beginner at running club, rather than doing the speed work with the others. I say wisely, as it was definitely the best thing for me; running with Candice meant that I had to take it easy and we even had a couple of walk breaks. I think if I'd gone out on my own, I would have been tempted to run too fast, and possibly even push to go further. As it is, my hip flexors are still really tight and very stiff and although it is a feeling of stiffness, rather than pain, now Pete noticed, when I joined them on the warm down, that I was limping slightly, favouring my left leg over my right, so I called it a day there and returned to the track.

If I'm honest, I was hoping that I would be feeling 100% better by now (having had a week off) and am more than a little disappointed that I'm still not right. I really want to be back up to the mileage on my training plan by the end of next week, and am also hoping to still take part in the Great North West Half Marathon at the end of Feb, which will not only be an excellent VLM training race, but will also be the first race of 2011. Unfortunately, I also know what the answer to that is... I've just got to see how it goes. I know that pushing my body past the boundaries it's capable of will only be detrimental so I'm doing the right thing and taking it easy; for the time being, I'll keep up with the strength and flexibility exercises the physio set me and keep my fingers crossed that I'm back to full steam sooner, rather than later.

Distance: 3.2 miles easy running, with walk breaks.
Feeling: no pain but still in the upper quads and hip flexors.
Weather: cold and clear.


  1. Maggie, your doing really well and fully know how you feel when you feel, that you need to keep things up and you can't. Dont think there is much that is more frustrating. Take it easy and be patient like you have done, it will pay off. I pushed too much last year to catch up and it did really benefit me at all. Just look at Pete, last year or the year before, the break ending up doing hima favour. As Ian Brown once said, For Everything A Reason. Be strong dear x

  2. Love the poem. Have no doubt you will be full steam ahead soon,that will be sooner rather than later if you dont push it too much

  3. Thanks Dom, I know you're right...

    And you too Shaz... glad you liked the poem.

    I'm taking it easy and looking after myself... might have a chocolate cupcake now just to prove it!! :-)

  4. I'm sure the exercises (and the chocolate cupcake) will work miracles.

  5. Hope you get back on form soon. Keep doing the exercises and enjoy the rest and cakes!

  6. Get in the pool if you can swim Mags! Its a great running alternative!

    I left the wife on her own last night so I think Running may be my valentine next year!

    good to hear you getting better!

  7. Cheers everyone... the cakes are definitely helping! Swimming is a loose term for the flailing about in water that I'm capapble of Martyn! I have been thinking I may make a late night trip down to my local pool sometime soon though.. will have to be late night... I have nightmares about meeting one of my students whilst clad in a swimming costume! :-)


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