Sunday, 13 February 2011

From EES to EEE?!

Although it may seem so, I haven't actually disappeared off the face of the planet and am still here! Apart from a run/walk with Doris on Friday however - of which there was more walk than run - I haven't subjected my imbalanced muscles to running.

Happy Birthday Mum!

Instead, I have consoled treated myself with copious amounts of food and enjoyed a very fun Saturday in my home town of Letchworth where we helped my Mum celebrate her 60th birthday. Delicious food, great company and no running have meant I am now more than rested and prepared for Running Club tomorrow night.

However, with a 400 mile round trip in the car, and a pile of marking this evening, I've spent the whole day sat on my back-side! I'm now experiencing something exceptionally rare for me; a week without exercise is unheard of and, as I don't count the strengthening exercises I've been doing and walking the dog as 'exercise', that's essentially what it's been. Add on today's inactivity and there's no doubt - I'm suffering from EES: Excess Energy Syndrome. Which has left me worried about two things tomorrow:

1. My silly imbalanced legs hold out on a run.
2. My EES doesn't turn into EEE: Excess Energy Explosion!

EEE - Excess Energy Explosion!


  1. Haha love it.I'm sure you will feel better for your rest,good luck tomorrow and hope your mum
    Enjoyed her birthday :)xx

  2. Blimey you're going to end up doing a Steve ( and run 20 miles tomorrow aren't you?!?
    I'm in Luton so next time you're in Letchworth if you fancy meeting up for a slow plod let me know x


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