Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The bitter taste of hindsight...

Freedom, escapism, enjoyment… running provides me with all of these things, and more; so when I am faced with the possibility of having to stop running, if only for a while, I’m instantly feeling fed-up. Which is why, right now, blogging is great! Reading over the comments you’ve left me has boosted me today and made me feel a lot more positive. Whether, you’ve been able to share your own wisdom and experience, shared your own positivity and encouragement, or simply made me laugh, I’ve used that today to metaphorically pull myself together!

I mention today in particular as when I attempted to leap from my bed, I had the fleeting thought that It’s a shame I’m not a robot; if I was I would have simply replaced my poorly knee, which stabbed me with pain when I heaved myself up this morning, with a new one. In fact, no… scrap that… if I was a robot, I wouldn’t have had a poorly knee in the first place – or any pain! Sigh… it must be nice to be a robot!

Hindsight of course, just like After Eight mints, is a wondrous event but one that only ever occurs after the main course; I now have the bitter taste of hindsight but it was during yesterday’s club run that I served myself this rather distasteful, painful knee. Yes, I know, I ran 18 miles on Sunday, perhaps a rest day would have been in order… but seriously, who really does that?! Ok, you do… and I should… I might have learned a lesson!

As it is, I’ve had to suffice with a heated compression wrap around my knee instead (Amazing what you discover in previously run race packs!). The wrap has been interesting as I don’t own any smart trousers, only skirts and dresses (an insight into the rather feminine character that I am there) and as such, even despite the thickest, blackest tights I could find, have been sporting the rather fetching white bandage look today. My mean colleagues have laughed at me – quite rightly!!

So, to cut to the chase, in short the full story stands as this:
1.    I ran when I shouldn’t have and made it less than a mile (0.96 to be precise!)
2.    I walked back (disproportionately upset to the actual event that had occurred)
3.    I returned home, and treated my leg to a Queen of Sheba pose on some cushions, whilst smothering them in frozen peas!
4.    I spent today wearing an heated compression wrap and elevating my leg whenever possible (obviously not mid-teaching, that would be a bit weird!)
5.    The pain has subsided and is now only a dull ache – This must be a good thing… yes? YES!
6.    I have booked an appointment with a Physio tomorrow who will hopefully either fix my knee, or provide me with a new one! (either is good!!), and then I will run again!

So, things are looking up. I’ve still not eaten that apple pie… but I will… oh yes, I will!

Distance: not worth mentioning!
Feeling: pain and rest
Weather: cold and windy!


  1. Ouch - take it steady Maggie. Don't wreck yourself in the process! Hope it heals soon.

  2. PS - if you're free Saturday (resting your leg, obviously) ome over to Leeds for the Post Janathon lunch and 5km...

  3. Am passing the WD40 for that knee. Hope the physio gets you back on your feet soon, may just need a bit of rest. Think apple pie will help

  4. Oh no,sorry to hear about your knee mags.try not to let it get you down, I know you will struggle not running but maybe it's telling you to slow down
    a bit and have a few extra rest days,you don't want to burn yourself out just yet,xxx take care and hope you heal quick!x

  5. Oh no! Hope the rest, compression and apple pie do the trick.

  6. R.I.C.E........Pudding!

    Medicinal munching methinks.

  7. Oh dear hope your knee recovers soon.

  8. ouch! sounds painful!

    I think you'd be a good robot, and even tho we havent met I can picture you as a "twiggy" robot from Buck Rodgers! You tube it :)

    Get well soon, dont rush back!

  9. Oh no! Hope the knee improves and that your physio appointment goes well. :-)

  10. Take care of that knee......... and the rest of you.

    Love Dad

  11. Thanks everyone... I have accepted the WD40 readily and applied liberally! The apple pie has approximately an hour or so only to live! My appetite has returned with gusto... probably because I'm NOT running!! The medicinal munching is going very well!! :-)

    Oh, and I am already beginning to model my future robot self on the Buck Rogers' robot!

  12. Oh bummer Maggiee, so sorry to hear about the injury. Hope you get better very, very, very soon.


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