Sunday, 6 February 2011

Ruined by running!

At some point, I decided to run a marathon... why? I'm not sure. But I did. So today I ran 18 miles!
I'll be honest, it wasn't the best 18 miles of my life, and I was disappointed with the time it took, we were much slower than the intended 11 minute mile pace we were supposed to be hitting; and once again, it was me running slow, not Paula. And although I'm pleased I ran 18 miles, as it's the furthest I've ever run, now everything hurts. Everything!

If I'm honest, I feel a little down right now, but not because of the pain; No, the worst thing in all of this is...

I - CAN'T - EAT!

My appetite has been ruined by running!! This is unheard of! I am the one whom people watch eat and say "How do you put all that away?" or "No wonder you have to run, eating all that food!" or "Seriously, where do you put it?"
I'm proud of these accolades to my eating ability... it's a talent... a skill... and I'm proud of it! But this evening, I've given half of my M&S dinner to Mik... not just any old dinner... an M&S dinner! and I've been unable to eat my apple pie and custard... it's still in the fridge, giving me woeful eyes: "Why don't you eat me Maggie? Am I not good enough for you? I'm not any old apple pie you know... I'm an M&S apple pie... smother me in custard and eat me... pleeeeeeease!"
But I can't. He's still there. Sad.

I better feel better tomorrow, or I'm quitting this running lark... some things in life are more important! What's the point in running, if you can't reward yourself by eating!!!!!!

In hindsight, maybe I'd have been better off employing Abradypus' rule 3!

Actually, as I write this, I'm having a Facebook conversation with Pete, and thinking of my earlier conversation with Paula,  both of whom have reassured me and made me feel much better, so maybe I am glad I completed the run... maybe! I'll let you know when I've managed to eat that apple pie!!!!

Distance: 18 miles - a weakened 'Woop'!
Weather: windy all the way. partly dry, partly rainy!
Feeling: like I've lost my mojo... it's really my appetite... but they're one and the same thing aren't they!
PRB: Level -2 when Paula had to make me keep running; -1 as I neared home; 0 on arriving home; building towards +1 as I slowly realise that I have run 18 miles and that's quite an accomplishment!

See my run here.


  1. Maggie, you and Paula should be proud of your 18 miles today especially that late in the day! That's the furthest you've ever run and fits in nicely with your schedule so you're bang on track to achieve your goal of running the marathon in London. Well done and enjoy the apple pie!

  2. 18 miles - go Maggie! Hope the appetite returns with aplomb tomorrow - that apple pie had better watch out.

  3. That Apple pie should savour it's extra few hours on this earth as I am devouring it with great joy after running club tomorrow night!! :-)

  4. 18 miles. I'm in awe.

  5. 18 miles - amazing, Well done. Not surprised you ache all over and can't eat yet after 3 hours on your feet. Hopefully your appetite will return with gusto tomorrow along with your PRB- you'd better take some food to work!

  6. 18 miles what an amazing achievement. Cant believe you dont want to eat, after arun like that all the food in my cupboards, knows its days are numbered! Enjoy the pie when you can

  7. Maggie you are so hard on yourself!!! You are amazing for even attempting to run so much. Hope you feel happier today and feel like eating that apple pie!xxx

  8. Well done Maggie...........don't worry about the pie drink beer instead!

  9. wow 18 miles is so awesome well done!! You're 3/4 of the way there and still 9 weeks to go. Hope you managed to wolf that pie down after running club!

  10. Congratulations on your BIG 18. Don't worry about the appetite for now, it'll come back. Any temporary foody cravings (or aversions) could simply be your body adapting to the training, re-assessing what it wants and needs. Take it as a signal that you're making good changes, and the appetite will return :)

  11. WOW and more WOW! 18 miles - that's amazing! Sorry to hear about your loss of appetite :-( That's one of the things I love about going out for a run - it means I can then pretty much eat what I want when I return! Hope your appetite has come back by now. :-)

  12. 18 miles in any way is amazing and I was the same, no appetite but it comes back, tenfold!


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