Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My first bike ride... in Manchester!

I went out on my new toy today for the first time...

My new bike: Raleigh Folda

I've had it a little over a week but, other than in Centre Parcs, I haven't ridden a bike since I was about 14 years old and I've been a little apprehensive about taking it out in the 'Big City'. Funnily enough it was a little folding bike that I had back then. The difference is that when I was the difficult age of 14 I was fully embarassed by my shameful folding bike and the stupid helmet that my dad made me wear; 18 years on and I donned my incrediably cute white and pink helmet with pride, as I set off on my adorable, teeny, folding bike which fits neatly in the cupboard under the stairs so no nasty chavs can steal it!

So much so, that when I (obviously) ran into (metaphorically speaking!) the 3 biggest tearaways 3 young students, from my happy place of work, I responded to their raucous laughter and with an enormous cheesy grin and over exaggerated wave. Apparantly, this is highly embarassing for a teenager:
'Do you know her?' I heard one of their aquintances ask
'Eugh, no, ummmm, no... she's a teacher...' was the hasty reply.
Which made me glow greater with pride at my accomplishment - I am officially an embarassing adult and unlike my Dad, I didn't have to start Morris Dancing to achieve it!

The reason for my outing on the bike was two-fold:
1. To check out the route to work, as when the mornings become lighter I will be taking the opportunity to embarass even more teenagers en-route in the mornings;
2. To get in some cardiovascular exercise as my calves were bruised this morning, and the physio had said I shouldn't run if they were. I have to admit, I am a little proud of the bruising as it is proof that it really did hurt!!

Unfortunately, the heavens opened on my return jouney, which I was not adequately dressed for - lesson learned - and consequently soaked me through! However, all in all, it was a successfuly outing as it seems  that cycling is great relief for sore calf muscles - who'd have thought it - and I've spent the rest of the day pain free... wonderful.

Bike Distance: 6.76 miles
Feeling: helped relieve my aches and pains, particularly my bruised calves... yes! bruised!!!!
Weather: dry on the way out, bloody wet on the way back!


  1. You had bruised calves, what were you doing? Glad they are better now though.

  2. Where is the bike basket?

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of folding bike ownership! (Mine's a brompton)

  4. Ahh - a Golden Foldie, and fine looking machine at that. Welcome to being able to take your bike on a train at any time of day.

  5. It's great isn't it! I love the fact that my bike can go *anywhere* with me... amazing! I have to say Shaz, I was just telling my friends yesterday that I want a basket, one of them mockingly asked if it was to put my school books in on the way to work... yes, of course! was the reply!
    Runorgocrazy... believe it or not, it was a sports massage that bruised my calves! And for some reason, I've booked another appointment for next week!!

  6. At last! At last!!!!!! Are you really wearing a Helmet??? Does it muck up your hair or don't you care anymore? Keep wearing it, it makes me happy to see it. ;-) xxxx Dad

  7. I knew I'd get a response from you Dad! Yes... I think at the age of 32, I can stop caring!! It's very cute... don't you think?!! :-) xx

  8. This made me smile. I am of course not yet an embarrassing Dad... Oh who am I kidding? Of course I am...
    I was reading the other day that the benefits of origami for beginners is also two-fold, by the way.

  9. ha ha ha... That's good... a perfect 'Dad joke' I think you'll find those are the perfect way to being an embarassing dad... it's the only way! :-)


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